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Power Systems International

Power Systems International draws on over 25 years of experience in the design, development and production of custom engineered specialist power products, for supply to airports and industrial applications.

The Power Systems International name is renowned worldwide for providing the most reliable and proven technology for both military and civil applications, with a product range including (but not limited to):more

Frequency Converters

Power Systems International provides both fixed and mobile solid state 400Hz airport frequency converters for ‘point of use' installation at airport aprons, adjacent to aircraft parking stands, under passenger boarding bridges, in avionics workshops and maintenance hangars and for flight simulators.

Users of GPUs driven by the traditional diesel engine will easily identify the benefits associated with electrical GPUs. These include the elimination of fumes, air pollution, toxic emissions, engine start battery/maintenance costs or fuel storage/bills/spillage as well as the lack of combustion smells and smoke.

The SD and EF range of airport frequency converters can be connected to 50Hz/60Hz mains power sources for a stable 400Hz output. The reliable converters will accept input voltage and frequency of a wide variation thanks to the most up to date power conversion IGBT PWM inverter switching technology.

The 400Hz power converters offer the most flexible, cost effective and energy efficient solution for all passenger & military aircraft and helicopters.

The New 400Hz Solid State Frequency Converter

Power Systems International have taken note of feedback from customers, in order to develop products which users want to have on future aircraft power installations. The new SD series 4 solid state frequancy converters have been developed using more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture rectifiers, inverters, UPS systems and frequency converters intended for heavy duty operation in all harsh environment and climatic conditions. This unit is able to provide power when and where it is needed, providing 'point of use power'. Unlike traditional diesel generator types of GPU, which often emit smelly, polluting fumes, this device can just be plugged into the power point in a ground service pit. The converter can be towed or fitted with its very own tiller controlled powered front wheels, and can be handled by just one person.

28V DC Engine Starting and Battery Charging

The DD and SD power systems for engine starting and battery charging are suitable for helicopters, small aircrafts and military jets at aircraft parking stands, in maintenance hangars, avionics workshops, aircraft manufacture/training simulators and at outdoor "point of use" installations on helipads, in plant rooms and aboard off-shore oil & gas platforms, drilling ships and cruise ships.

The systems have been designed to provide an aircraft peak starting current of up to 2,500A maximum whilst ensuring the aircraft battery remains fully charged while on the ground. This helps to reduce the stress on the battery and extends the life expectancy of costly on board batteries.

The DD range is available with a variety of options:

  • 400A/600A/1000A output
  • Fully Controlled Thyristor Controlled Regulated
  • Fixed/Mobile installation
  • IP54/IP43 Ingress Protection
  • Stainless Steel/Mild Steel enclosure

The SD series is constructed in a GRP / Fibreglass enclosure as a towable mobile unit for increased manoeuvrability.

We also provide dual output 400Hz and 28V DC combination converters.

Power Cabling Solutions and Service Pits

We provide a full range of high quality 400Hz/28VDC distribution/cabling solutions with our power supply systems, to ensure we can respond to each individual application with the most appropriate package.

The airport environment subjects cables to harsh conditions and demanding duty. Cabling from Power Systems International is made from the highest quality materials and is designed with mechanical strength and conductor insulation, meeting the electrical criteria for current carrying and voltage drop. Our range includes input and output harnesses and connectors, crocodiles, manual and motored cable reelers, cable stowage systems, distribution boards, junction boxes and hatch pits.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)

Power Systems International's aiport uniterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are manufactured to industrial standard and offer most critical load applications with a reliable and high quality power source.

The rectifiers, inverters and operating system's specifications have been designed to provide the best construction and performance based on vast operational duty experience in various applications and demanding environments.

Aerospace applications include (but are not limited to) navigation aids, air traffic control systems, early warning, primary and secondary radar, baggage handling and passenger check-in computers, security, anti-terrorist and intruder surveillance and scanning systems, runway and terminal lighting, conveyor systems, public address systems, automated people movers and airport monorails.

For any further information on any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.less


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