Johnsen & Jorgensen Introduces New Capping and Filling Equipment Range

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Leading packaging specialist, Johnsen & Jorgensen has strengthened its reputation as a one-stop-shop for innovative container packaging solutions by introducing a new range of bottle filling, capping and cleaning machinery.

Responding to growing customer demand for advice and recommendations on fulfilment equipment as well as its core products of containers and caps, Johnsen & Jorgensen will now offer a dedicated range of nine machines.

Two of the foremost machines in its new range are the semi-automatic single head capping machine and manual single head capping machine for aluminium ROPP caps, both of which are popular specifications in the bottle capping market.

Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum Filling Machine

Its new filling equipment includes a single head, low vacuum operated machine that can fill approximately 350 bottles per hour and, for larger plants, a four head in-line version that has the capacity to fill over 600 bottles per hour. These vacuum filling machines are ideal for fast level filling of free flowing products without particulates such as wines, spirits and oils into glass or very rigid plastic bottles. Both machines are bench-mounted with fully adjustable fill heights, ensuring excellent filling performance in perfect hygienic conditions with no product spillage.

Other equipment in the range, typically targeted at the food and drink industry, includes a bottle rinsing and bottle blowing machine, a bottle corking and crowning machine, a capsule shrink machine for tamper evident sleeves and a free-standing single head crimping machine which will appeal to Johnsen & Jorgensen's strong customer base in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care sectors.

Commenting on the new range, specialist sales manager Mike Bogod said: "Johnsen & Jorgensen has built its industry reputation on being able to source and supply innovative container packaging solutions of every size, shape, material and application. As a consequence we regularly get asked to advise on suitable capping and filling machinery and we're delighted to now add further value to customers by directly offering specialist equipment to meet their packaging fulfilment needs.

"We believe that offering this new range of equipment will not only benefit our existing customers but strengthen our one-stop-shop appeal to new packaging client prospects."

Competitively priced, all machines conform with the latest European regulations, are CE marked and available with full guarantees.

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