Up to 75% Reduction on Blow Moulding Tool Costs

Pont Packaging

Johnsen & Jorgensen (J&J), the UK container specialists have just announced a major new incentive, which offers huge savings on the standard costs associated with custom HDPE container design and manufacture.

J&J report that recent investments at their Slovakian blow moulding suppliers, in advanced CNC equipment, enables them to produce unique container moulds at a fraction of their usual cost.

Blow Moulding

This means that the high volume requirements usually associated with bespoke containers are eliminated, so that relatively low production numbers are now economically viable.

In addition to the low tooling cost, J&J are also claiming highly competitive production 75% reduction on blow moulding tool costsprices, typically 20% less than the competition.

Jon Wear, J&J’s sales director commented that, “The high set up cost connected with custom blow moulded containers often rules them out of branding strategies, but I think our combination of low tooling cost and competitive production prices should offer some exciting new possibilities.”

For further details J&J can be contacted on 0161 874 1930

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