New Keltec ‘Mini’ Dispenser Available From Johnsen & Jorgensen

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Following the successful launch of the Keltec 'Star' Series of liquid dispensers in the UK, packaging container specialists Johnsen & Jorgensen (J & J) are now introducing the new Keltec Easy Dispenser Star 30ml 'Mini' version.

Particularly suited to the dispensing of high to medium viscosity personal care products such as cosmetic gels or crèmes, the 'Star Series Mini' is a lightweight, fully customisable all-plastic product that is ideal for use when travelling, or as a 'free trial' marketing tool.

J & J Sales Director, Jon Wear, is impressed by the proven design concept of the new 30ml dispenser:
"We've already seen success with the larger sizes in the range," says Jon, "and we expect the new 'Mini' version to be equally successful in well-defined niche markets.

"The all-plastic 'rolling bellow' design combines several functions in one. First, it reduces the number of components required so you get a more reliable product.

No metal parts are used in the design which cuts out the risk of contamination and makes re-cycling easier. And also on the environmental front - the mechanical pump design means there are no polluting propellants involved.

"Again," Jon continued, "like its larger cousins, the 30ml Mini dispenser is easy to fill from the top on any standard filling line."

30ml Liquid Dispenser

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