MKM Stoneware Containers for Food and Beverages

Pont Packaging

Packaging specialists Johnsen & Jorgensen are sole UK distributorship of MKM-Ceramics Original Stoneware food and beverage crocks and jars.

Stoneware has a timeless quality and scores high on aesthetic and tactile appeal. While evoking images of county craft skills and wholesome, home-made fare, it is equally suited to packaging contemporary products.

Original Stoneware Food and Beverage Containers

Original Stoneware is robust, chemically inert, resistant to the effects of acid and alkaline solutions, and opaque to ultra violet and visible light. It also protects and preserves foods by minimising the effects of temperature variation. The containers are suitable for microwaving.

Stoneware Containers

MKM’s manufacturing process enables Original Stoneware to be produced to precise tolerances, so crocks and jars can be high-pressure filled and vacuum-sealed on existing production lines.

Ceramic Printing or Labelling

The MKM range includes: jars in capacities from 200ml to 600 ml with wide, narrow and standard necks, and closures including Pano AK, corks or snap lids; crocks from 350ml to 3 litre capacities; and beer crocks in 500 ml and 750 ml capacities with cork, screw-top and clip-lock closures. Surface finishes are matt, gloss, traditional and contemporary, and the containers can be decorated and branded by ceramic printing or labelling.

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