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For many years, Johnsen & Jorgensen have been providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices, either direct from stock or tailor-made to suit specific applications.

As our reputation has grown, increasing numbers of clients have put their trust in our all-round capability. This includes a unique knowledge of the market, together with an unrivaled understanding of how world-class technical, manufacturing and design services can best be deployed in a profitable business context.

Johnsen & Jorgensen - Making the Business Case

Today, the consulting arm of Johnsen & Jorgensen provides a professional, fully-integrated service for clients looking to achieve the best possible outcome in a market crowded with competing products which may - or may not - meet their needs.

Ultimate Solutions...

By taking a strategic view of our clients' requirements, Johnsen & Jorgensen can work with business partners throughout the world to supply, develop or manufacture products that deliver the ultimate packaging solution.

New Possibilities...

Providing the interface between every client's marketing and manufacturing aspirations also ensures that Johnsen & Jorgensen's consultancy skills will open up new possibilities to clients who may otherwise be limited in their future development by a lack of suitable packaging products.

HandshakeConsulting Solutions

Check The Bottom Line...

Furthermore, the financial and logistical benefits which derive from dealing with an experienced operator like Johnsen & Jorgensen will have a positive impact on every client's bottom line.

WarehouseJohnsen & Jorgensen - Answers in Stock Management

Inventory management has to be one of the most challenging areas of modern manufacturing. Tying up working capital in idle stock can prove as costly as not having enough of the right products available at the right time.

Why, What, When, Where...

Fortunately, Johnsen & Jorgensen's experience in all aspects of stock management means we're likely to know the answers before you've even thought of the question! This situation is enhanced by the close working relationships we develop with clients so that we become an integral part of your business.

National Supplies...

From large warehouses strategically located throughout the UK, Johnsen & Jorgensen will ensure that as much, or as little, of every product reaches your manufacturing premises as and when required.

Products Sourced or Designed...

These could be standard products sourced by our extremely knowledgeable staff - or products designed by us to meet a specific manufacturing or marketing need

WarehouseThe Business Benefits...

In all cases, Johnsen & Jorgensen employ the most effective elements of Supply Chain Management to deliver significant business benefits. These include efficiency of operation from a single source of supply; substantial financial savings on warehousing and stock control, logistics and improved cash flow (you only pay for goods when you need them); as well as being able to switch to new and better products as they come on the market.

Trust And Understanding...

Building long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and understanding lies at the heart of the Johnsen & Jorgensen service. Not only does this remove uncertainty and aggravation from the buying equation; it also ensures peace of mind from a reliable and committed supplier.

Johnsen & Jorgensen - Product Design & Development

Where standard stock items simply won't do the job, Johnsen & Jorgensen will work closely with clients to design and manufacture bespoke products from any material, in any shape and in any quantity.

Product Design and DevelopmentYears of Experience...

Our total expertise in the technical, manufacturing and quality control aspects of packaging container production is based on years of experience. This has given us an all-important understanding of how design and manufacturing issues fit in with marketing demands where strong branding and product image are paramount in both industrial and consumer markets.

From Initial Ideas...

Johnsen & Jorgensen can modify existing designs or create a totally new product from scratch. From initial ideas based on a thorough appraisal of your product needs, to detailed drawings, new moulds and addressing any patent or licensing issues, the company's design and development specialists will project manage the entire process on your behalf.

FactoryFlexible Approach...

Problem-solving is central to all our client relationships. From big companies with small - but potentially expensive - problems, to smaller companies with a point to prove, Johnsen & Jorgensen's flexible approach has universal appeal.

Johnsen & Jorgensen - Consultancy in Action

A growing number of clients are discovering that Johnsen & Jorgensen are not merely suppliers of high quality products. Although the company combines the advantages of both a distributor and manufacturer, the case studies below demonstrate the true scope of Johnsen & Jorgensen's expertise.

Designs That Fly

Johnsen & Jorgensen were approached in 2005 by a rapidly growing UK manufacturer of sauces and salad dressings who were having problems with leaking corks in their single-serving bottled condiments sets.

ProductsAs the products were targeted at the airline and hotel sectors, it was important that the packaging was of the highest quality in every respect.

In response to this - and to address the leaking corks problem - Johnsen & Jorgensen re-designed the 15ml bottles to create attractive square-shaped vials with tamper-proof metal screw caps.

Manufacture was by Gujarat Glass who have developed a close working relationship with Johnsen & Jorgensen as well as an in-depth understanding of the demanding UK market.

Johnsen & Jorgensen Sales Director, Jon Wear, was delighted with the success of this project:

"With the samples we'd created," said Jon, "it was a short step to creating an innovative new bottle at a highly competitive price.

"Thanks to our new design, issues such as improved hygiene, aesthetic appeal, reduced wastage and cost control have greatly improved the standing of our client in all its key markets."

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