'Glass-like' pet has clear advantages

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A high-performance PET formulation claimed to set new standards in transparency and tactile qualities for containers of upmarket personal care and toiletries products has been announced by packaging specialists Johnsen & Jorgensen, who have named the new material 'Glass-like PET'.

glass-like PET containers

J&J are sole UK agents for cosmetics and healthcare packaging innovators REBHAN Kunststoffverpackungen, who recognised the new formulation’s potential and fine-tuned their extrusion blow moulding process to enable glass-like PET containers to be manufactured in volume.

Almost any jar or bottle produced in standard PET can be produced in the glass-like formulation. In addition to being similar to glass in appearance and feel, glass-like PET has two significant advantages: it is shatterproof, so is a safer material for personal care products primarily used in the bathroom; while its lighter weight will save on freight costs.

Containers can be decorated by silkscreen printing, surface acquering or hot foil blocking. J&J sales director Jon Wear said: ‘While “I can’t believe it’s not glass” may overstate the case for glass-like PET, this must be as close as a non-glass material can get.’ The advanced formulation comes at a marginal increase in unit cost, but will attract considerable interest from marketers of upmarket personal care and toiletries products, where the quality of packaging plays such a crucial role in promoting the image of the contents.’

22nd June 2004

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