Johnsen & Jorgensen capping machine transforms the business of ‘Mrs Massey’s Delicious Delectables’!

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Nicola Massey's business of hand-made kitchen cupboard essentials has been transformed by a single capping machine supplied by packaging specialists, Johnsen & Jorgensen (J & J).

'Mrs Massey's Delicious Delectables' range includes drizzling oils, preserves, French dressing, ketchups and spice rubs which are manufactured and packaged at Tanhouse Farm in rural Gloucestershire. Production of four particular lines - salad oil, salad dressing, barbecue basting sauce and chilli & garlic ketchup - has benefited hugely from J & J's ASA 600 semi-automatic glass container capping machine.

Stylish packaging in tall, clear glass bottles with impressive labelling has been given an added attraction in the black metal, tamper-evident caps applied by the ASA 600 machine. According to Nicola Massey, the business has been transformed at a stroke:

"Previously," said Nicola, "we'd used pre-threaded screw caps which tended to leak. With the new caps, we have a perfect seal which is great for our mail order business. In addition, the tamper-evident packaging means the products are now acceptable to retailers everywhere.

"When we're going to shows and exhibitions, we need to cap up to 200 bottles in a day so the machine has really come into its own. What also impressed me was the machine's flexibility in that we can cap 250ml and 500ml bottle sizes without having to change the settings."

The ASA 600 capping machine is a compact, bench-mounted unit with a footprint of 240sq cm and a height of 115cm. It applies metal closures - including tamper-evident types - from 18mm to 35mm diameter, and takes containers up to 350mm in height and 160mm in diameter.

Operation is straightforward and the machine has been designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Power is from an integral AC electric motor. J & J Sales Manager, Mike Bogod, has seen a surge of interest in the machine from producers and distributors of specialist drinks, oils and liquid foodstuffs:

"This is a no-frills, robust machine at a very attractive price," said Mike. "It provides in-house flexibility and economic advantages for businesses capping small to medium runs although, in reality, its capacity is limited only by the speed of the operator!"

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