Boost Bottling Productivity With A Simple Capping Machine From Johnsen & Jorgensen

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An affordable bottle-capping machine that will create a tamper-evident seal quickly and easily has long been on the wish-list of specialist food-sector manufacturers everywhere.

This is borne out by the popularity of Johnsen & Jorgensen's (J & J) semi-automatic glass container capping machine, the ASA600, whose sales have grown rapidly in the past year.

The packaging container company originally supplied the machine as an 'extra' to support customers who wanted to cap their bottles and jars in-house. Now, the ASA600 is seen as a 'must-have' accessory for a wide range of companies, but especially for the producers and distributors of specialist drinks, oils and liquid food products.

An excellent example of the effectiveness of the ASA600 can be seen at 'Mrs Massey's Delectables', a Gloucestershire-based producer of preserves, ketchups, oils and spice rubs whose business has been transformed since the machine was installed last year - as Proprietor, Nicola Massey, explained:

"Previously," said Nicola, "we'd used pre-threaded screw caps which tended to leak. With the new caps, we have a perfect seal every time which is great for our mail order business. Even better, the tamper-evident packaging means our products are now acceptable to retailers everywhere."

The semi-automatic machine, which is powered by an AC electric motor, can close up to 600 glass containers per hour. Bottle Capping Machine(That's one every six seconds!) Its cost-effectiveness has been well demonstrated at 'Mrs Massey's Delectables' where there is a regular need to cap several hundred bottles on the days when they have shows and exhibitions.

Simplicity of operation is a key feature of the ASA600. Users simply pull down the slot-machine style handle, while a push-button device on the side of the unit ensures that the capping heads on the mandrel are engaged. The end result is an attractive-looking screw-off metal cap which is a well-established and highly acceptable part of the retail packaging scene.

J & J Sales Manager, Mike Bogod, has been pleasantly surprised at how successful the ASA600 has become:

"We're selling more and more machines to people in all types of businesses," said Mike. "As a packaging container company, this obviously isn't a mainstream activity but we've come to see it as part of supporting our customers in every way possible.

"The ASA600 is certainly cost-effective. They're quick and easy to use, and productivity improves dramatically from Day One. Another great bonus is the machine's durability. We've been supplying the ASA600 for two years and in all that time we've never had to provide a single spare part. How amazing is that!"

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