Acrylic Show-Stoppers only from Johnsen & Jorgensen

Pont Packaging

Packaging container specialists Johnsen & Jorgensen (J & J) can now design and manufacture, to a customer's own specification, a wide range of acrylic stoppers to suit most bottles and decanters.

Almost any size, shape or colour of stopper - including company emblems or logos - can be created. Each stopper design comes with an airtight seal to fit the neck of a specific bottle or container.

Unlike traditional glass, these stoppers protect the bottle contents as well as looking the part. However, J & J Sales manager, Mike Bogod, is keen to point out the ways in which acrylic is superior to glass:

"The latest acrylic stoppers look every bit as good as crystal," he says, "with the added advantage that acrylic can be formed into almost any shape in either clear material or a stunning range of colours.

"Acrylic stoppers," Mike continued, "have a sharper finish than glass and they refract the light brilliantly. It's only when you handle them that you realise how light acrylic stoppers actually are - making them totally practical while offering a solid, high quality appearance."

Acrylic Bottle Stoppers

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