Live Fire Shooting Training, Location of Miss and Hit

Polytronic International Ltd

Polytronic International AG is a global leader in development and manufacture of high quality shooting training equipment for live fire and simulation for Military, Police and Special Forces.

Product lines include:

  • Live Fire Target Systems
  • Location of Miss and Hit
  • Shooters' Monitor
  • Control Systems
  • After Action Review System

Our long time experience includes the development and manufacture of infantry target systems, ballistic analysis systems, consulting services, planning and handover of turn-key marksmanship training ranges. Polytronic has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995 with regular audits to maintain this certification. The Swiss products are manufactured in-house according to international MIL-STD and EU guidelines.more

Live Fire Target Systems for Infantry or Armour targets

The infantry target systems provide different exposure modes such as pop-up, slice or rotation for friend/foe identification and have built-in lights for target illumination.

Polytronic's Tank Target System is able to represent a full size tank flank with a weight of more than 100kg. All these target systems can be equipped with either battery or wired power supply sop that they can be used as portable or fix installed devices.

Additionally available are self-driven moving target systems (battery or diesel powered) and a multitude of accessories such as battle effects and hostile fire simulators. Due to the modularity of Polytronic products all devices can be inter-connected and used together as required.

Location of Miss and Hit System (LOMAH)

Polytronic is the world's leading manufacturer of shot scoring or shot location systems. This non-contact hit sensor provides the world's most accurate shot location for supersonic rounds.

Shooters Monitor - IVDU

Hits and misses on the targets detected by the LOMAH system are displayed on the shooter's monitor IVDU (Individual Visual Display Unit). This user friendly graphical interface allows the shooter to adjust settings and provides the required shot information. Hit indication can be provided either by radio or wired data transmission.

Control System

Polytronic offers a wide range of target control systems such as control room installations, mobile and remote controllers. The related range control software RCS is specially designed for target control and all kinds of analysis. With the AAR software saved data can be recalled for after-action reviews and edited if necessary.

After Action Review Software

The After Action Review is an RCS (Range Control Software) related software. During exercises radio traffic can be recorded and replayed for the After Action Review.

Comments, which may be helpful in analysing actions at a later date, can be written from the RCS into the AAR by the operator.

All data saved in the database can be recalled and edited. The graphical map allows editing with various available drawing tools. All target movements, detected hits and commands - such as nightlight, fire simulation, muzzle and sound - are displayed in the AAR and saved in the database.less


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