Anti Fog Lenses for Law Enforcement and Anti-Ballistic Helmet Visors

Pinlock Technology

Pinlock Technology is a specialist in the manufacture of anti fog lenses concerning head protection for military, police forces, aeronautics and fire fighting. Also solutions for vehicle and boat screens and even for sub-marines and aeronautic windows. Pinlock Technology B.V.  designs and manufactures helmet visors to the individual needs of their customers. Pinlock is a centre of excellence in the field of anti fog solutions and helmet visors.more

Pinlock Technology is also active in the industrial market with anti fog lens solutions for all kinds of protective visors and or face shields.

Anti Fog Lenses

In the year 1996, Pinlock Fog Free Systems B.V. developed the anti fog lens for the motor market. Pinlock is now supplier of anti fog lenses to top helmet brands as Arai, BMW, Schuberth, Nolan, X-Lite and Shoei. For the user of a helmet with a visor fog forming on either surface of a visor is a major problem. Chemical anti fog coatings don’t last long and quickly loose their anti fogging properties, especially after cleaning. Pinlock developed an anti fog lens with exceptional anti fog properties with a well proven track record in the motorcycle market which has now been copied by several police forces world wide.

Pinlock Fog Free Systems B.V. started in 2001 to serve the force market. Due to the great expansion of activities for this force market and to serve the force market and the industrial market in the best way, Pinlock Technology B.V. was founded in the year 2007 as a full daughter company of Pinlock Fog Free Systems B.V.

The permanent goal of the recently formed Pinlock Technology B.V. is to expend the successful activities of Pinlock Fog Free Systems B.V. and offer customers best quality, technology, comfort and efficiency to comply with the requirements of today's users and to ensure the best technical solutions for anti fog lenses and helmet visors.

Anti Fog Lenses for Law Enforcement Helmet Visors and Custom Made Face Shields

  • Pinlock Technology B.V.  manufactures high-performance anti fog lenses which are intended for riot control and law enforcement helmets. During crowd control or other incidents where police officers are at risk, good sight can make the difference between getting injured or their effectiveness during the operation.
  • Pinlock Technology B.V. supplies anti fog lenses for law enforcement helmet visors to both helmet manufactures and end users. Pinlock Technology B.V. is able to offer custom made face shields for specific types of helmet visors.
  • Due to the ever increasing threat of  terrorist activities,  more police men are being equipped with ballistic helmets / ballistic visors. For this reason, Pinlock Technology B.V. has developed a range of anti fog products for these tactical intervention helmets that will ensure protection against fogging on both sides of the ballistic visor.

Anti-Ballistic Helmet Visors: Military and Mine Demolition

Pinlock Technology B.V. provides a standard product line of anti fog lenses for anti-ballistic helmet visors.

These are for use in military combat scenarios including ballistic eye protection and also face protection for people involved with the search of mines (mine demolition). Solutions for dust- and shooting goggles are also available Pinlock Technology B.V. is able to supply complete sets or  loose components if required.

Fire Fighting Helmets

Pinlock Technology B.V. provides several products especially for the fire fighting market.

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