Automated Packaging and Handling Systems


Pesmel Material Flow, How is a comprehensive material handling solution for packaging, handling, warehousing and automated cargo handling. Pesmel’s complete, tailor-made systems are designed for high efficiency and quality requirements.

Pesmel solutions increase the efficiency with high level of automation and ensure the quality of products during e.g. handling or transportation. Pesmel has 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and delivering material handling solutions to paper and metal producing companies around the world.more

Handling and Packaging Line for Paper Rolls

Pesmel roll handling and packing line is a key element of the production process, as it has the capability of handling, sorting and packing rolls with high capacity, enabling the production to run continuously without stoppages. A special sorting function enables automated roll set forming according to customer orders, which adds flexibility and efficiency in material handling.

The Pesmel wrapping system ensures a moisture and dust-proof package with extended protection to the corners of the roll. All the packaging functions are fully automated.

Pesmel Packaging Line for Tissue Paper

Pesmel tissue handling systems ensure damage-free handling and wrapping of the softest tissue paper qualities. The total content of the system includes a Pesmel tissue wrapping machine, various types of conveyors, manipulators and other equipment according to customer needs.

The Pesmel system is designed for fully automated, high-capacity production lines. The sophisticated features of the system provide uniform support for the sensitive tissue roll.

Special Paper Packaging System

Pesmel wrapping system for special paper is designed for paper mills that produce sensitive paper qualities. Gentle reel handling was the main consideration during the design of this packaging and handling system.

The foam wrapping, together with Pesmel stretch film wrapping gives an excellent protection even for the outer layers of the paper reel. The total system ensures gentle reel handling from the beginning of the line all the way to the palletizing and warehousing.

Pesmel Coil Packaging Line

The Pesmel coil packing line is a highly efficient and flexible solution for packing e.g. steel, aluminium and copper coils. This fully automatic line is designed to handle heavy weight coils up to 30 tons.

The line can pack different sizes and types of packets without any setups. When this is combined to high capacity it means that the line can serve several slitters or production lines simultaneously. The maximum packaging capacity of Pesmel coil packaging line is up to 30 coils / hour. Pesmel coil packing line gives excellent protection and outlook to the products in a modern and most cost-effective way.

Pesmel Sheet Packaging Line

Pesmel’s sheet packing line gives excellent protection to metal sheets against moisture, dirt and damages during storage and transport. The key equipment in the line are longitudinal steel wrapping equipped with edge wrapping, especially designed for sheet packaging. The system adds flexibility and speed to the material handling process as it automatically piles the sheets on stacks by weight, height or number of sheets. This also enables the sheet piling according to customer orders.

Pesmel Strip Packaging Line

Pesmel’s strip packing line is designed to protect cold rolled strips against damages, moisture and dirt. The new method of packing is especially developed for sensitive, high-value products. High capacity enables the line to serve several slitters. Pesmel’s technical solution to pack slit strips is based on the latest technology to minimize the handling of unpacked material and thus avoid product damages. The line is designed to handle different size and shape of coils and palletize them in different patterns in same line.less


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