Suppliers of Counter-Mine and Counter-IED Equipment

Pearson Engineering

Pearson Engineering provides Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Route Proving, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridging Equipment to the world's Armed Forces. Our products can be easily attached, released and interchanged on the host vehicle, allowing Commanders to configure their resources to the task at hand. Our products mean that one platform, when fitted with a Pearson Engineering interface can be optimised to meet the changing requirements faced in theatre from breaching to assault gap crossing and from obstacle reduction to route proving. The host vehicle can be returned for its original purpose once the task is complete. This approach has been proven to work across a wide range of Combat Vehicle variants.more

Assured Mobility defines our approach to the market, highlighting the capability that Pearson Engineering brings through the supply of products that allow commanders to assure manoeuvre to the place and at the time of their choosing.

Pearson Engineering products include:

  • Mine Ploughs
  • Combat Dozer Blades
  • Earth Anchor Blades
  • Excavator Arms
  • Bridge Launch Mechanisms
  • Mine Rollers
  • Surface Clearance Devices
  • Obstacle Marker Systems
  • IED Route Clearance Equipment
  • Vehicle Remote Control Systems

Pearson Engineering is committed to ensuring that our products are developed to the highest standard and are responsive to the needs of the Warfighter. Our highly-qualified engineering team are constantly developing new and innovative solutions as operational demands evolve.

Counter-Mine Vehicle Attachments

Pearson Engineering's range of Counter-Mine vehicle attachments such as the Full Width Mine Plough are designed for use on front line combat vehicles such as heavy tracked vehicles and use a raking action to bring mines and IEDs to the surface and to move them wide and clear of the vehicle creating a safe lane for following vehicles to pass. Our Counter-Mine range also includes heavy duty mine rollers which apply pressure to the ground ahead of the full width of the vehicle to detonate land mines before the vehicle and its crew encounter a threat.

Counter-IED Vehicle Attachments

Pearson Engineering has developed a range of Counter-IED rollers which are optimised for the classification of vehicle they are to be used with. They work by applying pressure to the ground ahead of the vehicle tracks or wheels and are used where there is the possibility, rather than the probability of a threat.

The SPARK II Counter-IED mine roller has been supplied as part of an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) during the recent ‘War on Terror' and was designed in anticipation of future requirements. They were subsequently rapidly manufactured at a rate of 50 per week by Pearson Engineering to make a total of over 2000. Over 4000 Counter-IED rollers have now been delivered worldwide with future rollers on order.

Combat Earth Moving Vehicle Attachments

Our range of Combat Earth Moving vehicle attachments provide powerful capability to armoured vehicles. They allow vehicles to move earth, rubble and obstacles from an intended route or anchor a vehicle in order to provide stability for winching operations. All systems are lightweight yet strong and are designed to have minimal impact upon the vehicle.

Assault Bridging

The Pearson Engineering Bridge Launch Mechanisms allows Combat Vehicles to lay bridges quickly and efficiently without permanently changing the vehicle's role. It allows a wide range of vehicles to launch and recover assault bridging in less than two minutes from under armour. The system is specifically designed to minimise the impact on vehicle mobility by keeping the bridge and bridge launch mechanism low and close to the vehicle hull when in the transport configuration.


The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearing Capability (PEROCC) is a single-platform optimised for Counter-IED, Route Proving and Engineer activity. It is based on a commercially available pivot steer loader and it is fitted with a range of Engineer tools including Counter-IED systems such as sensors for detection, front and rear rollers for protection and full width proofing and an interrogation arm for confirmation and neutralisation.

PEROCC has been designed and developed to provide a technologically advanced solution to the need to provide an enduring Route Proving and Engineering capability.less


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