Ultrasonic flow meter PCE-TDS 100 H/HS

New Ultrasonic Flow Meter Made in Europe

PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments has recently made some changes to their established ultrasonic flow meter PCE-TDS 100H/HS for metal, rubber and plastic pipes. The new innovative design is supposed to make the flow meter more intuitive to use.

The PCE-TDS 100H/HS is often used in HVAC and HVACR. The difference between the two models is that the PCE-TDS 100HS comes with two S1-type electroacoustic transducers for temperatures up to 160 °C whereas the PCE-TDS 100H set includes two standard M1-type electroacoustic transducers. With the S1-type transducer, pipe diameters of 20 … 100 mm can be measured, the M1-type transducer is suitable for diameters of 50 … 700 mm. Both transducers are also available as an optional accessory.

The portable PCE-TDS 100 series ultrasonic HVAC meter uses the transit time method to determine flow values. One of the advantages of the HVACR tester is that it can be easily installed without process interruption. The results, which range  from 0.01 to 30 m/s, are accurate (±1 % of the measurement value) and reliable. Results are displayed at a resolution of 0.0001 m/s.

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