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PCE LFG-20 Force GaugePCE offers mechanical, as well as digital force gauges which can be used for various purposes, for instance for Tablet Breakage Tests in the pharmaceutical industry. For this certain application, one possible combination would be the PCE-LFG 20 force gauge along with the PCE-FTS 100 test stand.

Force Gauge PCE-LFG 20

This force gauge measures tensile and compressive forces at a high measurement rate and at an accuracy of ± 0.1 % of the measurement range. You can select different measurement units and the device has a PEAK function (MIN / MAX) as well as a limit function and a calibration function. It has a memory capacity of 1000 readings. Storage can be done automatically or manually, whichever the user prefers.

To save energy consumption, the time of Automatic Power Off can be adjusted in line with the user’s preferences. Low battery voltage is indicated. The force gauge comes with 6 different measuring tips, an evaluation and control software including USB data cable, a mains adaptor, a carrying case and a user manual and is equipped with an RS-232 and USB interface. More information can be found on our website when you follow the link below.

PCE FTS 100 Teststand 500s

Test stand PCE-FTS 100

This test stand up to 1200 N is suitable for different force gauges with an internal load cell.

In the following, you can find the basic technical specifications:

Range max. 1200 (250lbf, 125kg)
Traverse distance max. 230 mm
Handwheel Ø 120 mm
Base plate 40 x 200 mm
Dimensions 445 x 250 x 196 mm
Weight approx. 13 kg

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