Digital Recorders for the Pharmaceutical Industry from PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments offer lots of devices which are useful for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for other industries. For instance, our display systems can record physical quantities of industrial processes or applications in laboratories over a long period of time.

PCE-KD 7 Digital Recorder

PCE KD7 Digital RecorderOne example is the PCE-KD7 digital recorder which has a wide range of applications in different industrial sectors such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. The PCE-KD7 digital recorder measures, visualises, monitors and saves process variables and can process current or voltage as well as different types of thermocouples and resistance temperature sensors. The PCE-KD7 digital recorder can also retrieve and record up to 16 measurement values through an Ethernet or RS-485 digital interface.

Data is stored to a CF card. An internal buffer memory allows to change the memory card without the measured data getting lost. The data is shown in the 5.7" touch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Since the PCE-KD7 digital recorder has IP 65 front protection, it can be installed under adverse conditions. By means of the software modules included in the delivery, you can read and check recorded data. Additionally, configuration files can be produced and transferred to the PCE-KD7 digital recorder.

You can find an overview of our digital recorders / display systems here.

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