Conductivity Meters for the Pharmaceutical Industry from PCE Instruments

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Conductivity meters are used in a variety of industries, such as agriculture, food and beverage, cosmetics manufacturing, aquaculture, water-quality testing, wastewater treatment and laboratory research. A conductivity meter serves to measure the ability of a solution or liquid to conduct an electrical current.

Conductivity meters from PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments offer different types of conductivity meters which are suitable for different materials such as soil, water and food. They measure, for example:

  • The amount of salts and dissolved solid materials,
  • pH value,
  • Conductivity, 
  • Oxygen
  • Temperature.

PCE Instruments Conductivity MetersPCE's product range includes benchtop as well as handheld models. Benchtop models are normally used in laboratory and research applications, while handheld models are often used in field testing.


One of PCE's topsellers is the PCE-PHD 1. This device measures pH value, conductivity, oxygen and temperature. A high degree of accuracy is ensured due to three point calibration and automatic temperature compensation. Clients who order this item will also receive: a pH electrode, a conductivity electrode, a SD memory card, a card reader, six batteries and a user's manual. Optionally, a pH value calibration kit, a conductivity calibration kit, an oxygen electrode, a temperature sensor, a software kit for real time measurements, mains adaptor to use the device without batteries, as well as a calibration certificate can be purchased.

PCE Instruments conductivity meters come with a two-year guarantee, to ensure quality and consistency of the product.

You can find our conductivity meters here.

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