Contamination Control Areas, Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection


Established in 1987, PBSC offer excellent quality components for use in cleanrooms and contamination control areas. Products include APR laboratory doors, decontamination showers and hydrogen peroxide sterilisation chambers for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. PBSC also offer vision panels, transfer hatches, hygienic lifting trolleys and a range of change room furniture.

Laboratory Doors

Precision engineered in stainless steel or steel powder-coated these laboratory doors / containment doors are built for clean room environments with a patented seamless wrap around frame and flush vision panel.more

PBSC also supply solid phenolic resin doors which are highly abrasion and chemical resistant.

Glass doors are a popular choice for high traffic areas as they are very durable, easy to clean with an open space atmosphere.

Inflatable Seal Doors (APR Doors)

The PBSC Air Pressure Resistant doors are used primarily in high containment situations where air leakage is not permitted, such as bio-hazard laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical clean rooms. They are also used to provide containment during sterilization, decontamination and fumigation processes.

Contamination Control Areas

Clean room transfer/trolley hatches provide safe contamination control areas for the means of passing products in and out of a clean room. They are available in 304/316 grade stainless steel, powder coated or phenolic resin. The interior is flush for easy cleaning and the unique mechanical interlock system allows transfer between different classes whilst maintaining correct air pressures.

Misting Showers

PBSC decontamination / misting showers are constructed in a modular design to the clients specification for fog, mist, air, and/or water. The fogging / misting shower has been independently tested to demonstrate its ability to encapsulate particles. Agents can be added to the fogging/misting decontamination cycles.

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection

Material Air Lock (MAL) Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Chamber

PBSC sterilization chambers are ideally situated between sterile and non-sterile areas. In combination with Bioqell's vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide generator, rapid sterilization cycles of approximately 1 hour for large equipment and sensitive electronics. It has no threshold easing access for wheeled items and interlocked inflatable sealed doors for consistent sealing.

Bio-Decontamination Pass Through

The PBSC pass through in combination with Bioquell's vaporized hydrogen peroxide generator provides safe, fast residue free sterilization of small items and sensitive electronics typically under 30°C.

Please see PBSC's pharmaceutical / biotech website for more information on their range of high containment doors, vision panels and transfer hatches.less


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