Portable Gas Analyzers, Leak Detection & Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Dansensor A/S

Dansensor is a worldwide supplier of high-quality gas instrumentation and quality control equipment.

We have more than 25 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing gas analysers,gas mixers, automated gas purging systems and leak detectors.

Combining a broad range of experience from practical applications with modern technologies, our products offer a wide range of competitive advantages, contributing to ensuring that the customer’s end products are of the highest possible quality.more

Portable Gas Analyzers: Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Dansensor manufactures a complete range of quality control equipment for companies involved in modified atmosphere packaging. Choose between the robust and easy to use handheld CheckPoint or the advanced CheckMate 3 with full data logging capabilities.

The CheckPoint – a practical pocket size, handheld gas analyzer - meets the basic requirements for accurate checking of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in any type of modified atmosphere packaging.

The unit can store the last ten measurements in its memory and is very easy to calibrate. Available as O2 or as a combined O2 / CO2 analyser.

The ChecMate 3 with its intuitive and easy to use operator interface is an important everyday tool in any quality control process for MAP products. Available in a wide selection of O2 and CO2 sensors.

On Line Analysers for Packaging Machines

With a Dansensor on-line analyser it is easy to ensure high quality in all modified atmosphere products. The on line analyser can be added to almost any new or existing packaging machine to ensure constant monitoring of the gas content in the packages. On vertical and horizontal flow packaging machines the on-line analysers with their optional flow control can even ensure substantial gas savings. This not only results in savings on the gas budget but can also help to protect the work environment.

MAP Check 3: On-line gas analyser for quality assurance on MAP-enabled flow packaging machines. Enables major gas savings with optional GasSave function or when paired with MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer.

MAP Check 3 Pressure: A compact analyser that continuously measures carbon dioxide and/or oxygen in pressurised gas mixtures that are being delivered directly from a gas mixer, buffer tank or any other pressurised source. Ideal for any situation where it is necessary to know the oxygen and/or CO2 content of a pressurised mixture.

Gas Mixing Equipment

The series is based on a proportional mixing principle specially designed for packaging machines and industrial applications, where gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are used either in a 2- or 3-gas combination. The MAP Mix series of gas mixing equipment is a perfect match for any type of packaging machine working with modified atmosphere packaging.

MAP Mix Provectus: Innovative gas mixer for mixing 2 or 3 gasses, giving information such as current gas flow, total gas consumption and actual gas mix. Helps reduce gas costs on flow packaging machines when used in combination with MAP Check 3.

Packaging Leak Detection

Leak detection for packages containing CO2- Ranging from the benchtop LeakPointer to the fully automatic in-line LeakMatic, there are suitable solutions to every kind of packaging leak detection using CO2 as trace gas. With the micro leak detection systems from Dansensor it is possible to carry out fast and non-destructive leak testing on all modified atmosphere packages containing a minimum of 10% carbon dioxide.less


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