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Paxton Access is the internationally expanding manufacturer of advanced access control systems and access readers, whose position as market leader is attributed to engineering excellence of the highest degree.

At Paxton Access the desire to provide superior customer care is paramount and this is achieved through the high quality, high security systems we produce and the great support service we offer. Paxton Access produces easy to install, efficient standalone and PC based advanced access control systems to meet all levels of security requirements and solve a diverse range of access control problems. CCTV and fire alarm integration, heavy-duty, high security readers, access readers and hands free access are just some of the innovative security solutions offered by our company.more

Having enjoyed considerable growth every year since 1993, Paxton Access has already established a successful distribution network in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In 2006 we committed to the US market and launched Paxton Access Inc, where we continue to enjoy meeting the increasing demand for our intelligent access control systems.

We currently produce three different systems, Compact, Switch2 and Net2. These are renowned for being simple to install and easy to use. Each system is fit-for-purpose, sensibly priced and readily expandable to meet the changing needs of security.

Compact Standalone Access Control System

A Compact Standalone Advanced Access Control System comprising of an integrated reader and control unit is an ideal solution for low security internal doors. It’s quick and easy to install, and is a cost effective means of controlling access to a building. Because the electronics are housed within the reader or keypad it is not suitable for exterior or high security doors.

Tokens are managed using token packs which are incredibly easy to administer. Lost tokens may easily be barred preventing unwanted access. Compact systems are available in a choice of PROXIMITY readers, TOUCHLOCK keypads and CARDLOCK (magstripe) readers. 

Switch2 Standalone Advanced Access Control System

A Switch2 Advanced Access Control System is suitable for external use and at sites requiring a high level of security. Each door is secured by a separate access reader and Access Control Unit. The control unit should be positioned internally or on the ‘safe’ side of the door to avoid tampering. Switch 2 is a scalable, easy to manage access control solution suitable for small to medium sized premises. 

Administering the system is  straight forward using Paxton Access’  token packs. Access is gained either by entering a code (or PIN) or by using an access control token (PROXIMITY card, keyfob or watchprox etc).  Lost tokens may easily be barred preventing unwanted access. As security needs change additional doors can be added readily due to the system’s retrofit capabilities. 

Intelligent Access Control - Net2

Net2 provides intelligent access control with the ability to secure your premises. Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution that can control 100s of doors across multiple sites and is widely used for controlling and monitoring the movement of people around a building. It’s one of the most economical access control systems on the market. Net2 offers complete control over who has access to your building and when that access is allowed.

The standard version of the Net2 software is free.  It’s intuitive to use and can tailor access privileges for up to 10,000 users. These can be set for individuals or for whole departments. This means that individuals or groups of users can be restricted to areas specific to their work, and at times associated to their working hours.

Staff movements, instances of forced entry and doors being left open to name a few, can all be viewed in ‘real time’ in the events screen.  Event reports can also be generated in Net2; using intuitive filters a specific event or ‘group’ of events can be pinpointed within seconds.

The retrofit capabilities of Net2 make adding additional doors in the future exceptionally easy. Advanced features such as camera integration and site graphics, as well as innovative products like the Energy saving reader help to make Net2 a cutting edge system.

Access Control Technical Support

Our access control technical support department backs up all our systems and products. Confidence in our ability to provide excellent customer service has been underlined by our bold decision to post all customer feedback live onto our website. less


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