Aviation Fuel Filtration and Storage Facilities

Parker Hannifin (UK) Ltd

The world’s best filtration starts with the world’s best engineering.

From the refinery to the injector, at the terminal and on the forecourt, Parker Filtration Divisions have hydrocarbon filter vessels, elements and particle counting solutions to fuel your delivery needs.

Parker Hannifin's Filtration Divisions Europe manufactures a comprehensive range of filtration solutions for the Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration market that is established in civilian and military aviation industries. The range includes Parker Condition Monitoring, and Parker Racor Hydrocarbon products.more

Fuel Storage Facilities

Parker Hannifin with Racor Hydrocarbon have become one of the only companies in the world that are able to meet the exacting requirements as laid down by the API/IP in order to be able to supply filtration equipment inside the Airport fence.

Parker Filtration products can be found in the following markets:

  • Fuel Storage Facilities
  • Fuel Storage Equipment Manufacturers
  • Aviation Fuel Test Equipment Suppliers
  • Aircraft De-fuelling Equipment Suppliers
  • Aircraft Services (Manufacture/Supplies)
  • Fuel System Design/Manufacture
  • Fuel Distributors
  • Petroleum Equipment/Product Manufacturers
  • Bulk Liquid Equipment/Service Providers

Hydrocarbon Filtration

This ability, coupled with state of the art technical solutions to customers filtration needs, opens a world of opportunities.

Customer service is the Key to growing with Aviation fuel filtration solutions in Europe and around the World. End users are not prepared to wait for long periods of time for elements to arrive. If an airport cannot refuel an aircraft because it is waiting for a delivery, they will go elsewhere.

For help with questions and advice on any aspect of your hydrocarbon filtration please contact Parker Hannifin where we can put you in touch with the specialist in your area.

Jet Fuel Contamination Testing

Parker particle counter now DEFSTAN 9191 accredited

The ACM20 from Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has now been accredited as a report only test for contamination in jet fuel, in line with the DEFSTAN 9191 Jet Fuel Specification. This portable device is a proven solution foranalysinghydrocarbon and aviation turbine fuels quickly and accurately, as per the UK’s Energy Institute test method IP 564.

Following the DEFSTAN accreditation, the ACM20 can now be used in place of traditional and often subjective methods of measuring jet fuel contamination levels, such as the Clear & Bright Visual test method (IP216 or ASTM D2276) and the Gravimetric test method (IP423 or ASTM D5452).

The unit can discern moisture and contaminant particles as low as 4 microns in size, which can contaminate fuel during the distribution process as well as through installation and maintenance procedures, or through degradation of components, and can be used effectively with the minimum training.

Aviation / Diesel Particle Counter

The Parker Filtration product range for Aviation fuel systems is outlined below:

API 1581 5th Edition Qualification Test

Racor Hydrocarbon vessels and element demonstrate a breadth of experience in the fuel supply industry, producing the most advanced Aviation Fuel API/IP 1581 qualified Filter Water Separators, 1590 micro filters and 1583 Monitors, as well as a wide range of industry standard interchangeable products.

Aviation Fuel Particle Counter ACM20

Parker’s ACM20 portable particle counter is specifically deigned for use with aviation and diesel fuels and has a quick and easy economical fuel condition check. In addition the particle counter can be used in many other applications including filter performance, pipeline commissioning and extending service intervals of the supply system. A fast 120 second test allows you to reliably check contamination levels, trends and integrity way than other traditional methods.less


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