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PackSys Global is one of the world‘s leading technology companies for packaging equipment. We manufacture machinery for the production of laminate and plastic tubes, aerosol cans, aluminium tubes, as well as both metal and plastic caps and closures.PackSys Global serves customers throughout the world. Different cultures, different markets, but one thing in common: to create unique solutions for the challenges facing our customers in their sophisticated market. Our in depth understanding of specific market demands and our commitment to state of the art technology enables the packaging industry to produce better quality at less cost. We have always been customer responsive, innovative, with a passion for precision and perfection. And that will never change.All companies are backed by after sales and service centers in Europe. Thailand, India, China and JapanPSG has over 400 customers with equipment installed in over 66 countries, reflecting our strong worldwide ability to support and service the discerning demands of our customers, wherever they may be located.more

Machines for the Production of Cosmetic Tubes

PackSys Global offers full cosmetic tube line equipments including:

  • Tube heading machine (HPS, HPL, HPX)
  • Tube capping and finishing machines (TCA-12, TCX)
  • UV printing machine up to 8 colours for seamless plastic tubes

PackSys Global is the only company capable of offering a 10 minutes complete change-over including start-up on the heading machine.

The well proven compression moulding technology is used to mould the tube heads in such a perfect way that no orifice control camera is required.

Our UV printing machine meets the highest decoration requirements of the cosmetic industry, thanks to advanced technology originally developed for the aluminium can industry.

Machines for the Production of Laminate Tubes

Always ahead of trends and technoogy, PackSys Global has set up the state-of-the art of this industry, and contributed to the dynamism of the laminate tube market by offering opportunities for new market applications, like cosmetic products for instance, using our Inviseam® technology. Once again, PackSys Global presents fully integrated solutions, complete lines, combining our unanimously recognized know-how in compression moulding for tube heading, and seaming technology. Our heading machines do not require pre-moulded shoulders, avoiding costs of additionnal injection moulding presses, allowing you to create more added value on your product, and resulting in a high quality bond between tube body and tube head.

Machines for the Production of Aluminium Tubes and Monobloc Cans

PSG offers complete turnkey lines for monobloc aluminium aerosol cans and bottles. High quality equipment including trimming/brushing machines, internal coating machines and complete decoration plant including 8 colour offset printing equipment, drawing upon the company’s 35 year history in tube and can decoration technology. All accumulators and ovens are designed and assembled in house at our spacious fabrication and design facility in Thailand.

PSG offers also complete production lines for collapsible aluminium tubes and is presently the only company making all machines in the line in-house, except for the extrusion press. This gives our customers complete confidence in having one point of contact for all their needs. PSG has delivered lines to all markets across the world and has special know-how in clean room installations for pharmaceutical tube production, in particular to the Japanese market.

Machines for the Production of Aluminium Screw Caps

PSG has been manufacturing machines for the production of aluminum caps for over 40 years.

This experience combined with the know how from our knowledge in the aluminum aerosol can and tube industry, where side decoration lines give the customer a unique advantage in today‘s market.

PSG is the only company today able to supply complete lines for the production of caps including draw,redraw, side decoration, roll-forming, top and side embossing, side shaving, as well as wad, liner and plastic pourer inserting. With our production speed up to 700 extra long caps per minute, the line is one of the fastest in the world today.

With an outstandingly innovative R&D department to support and develop new machinery, PSG has developed a new re-draw press type NZP 6 for fast and reliable first and final re-draw in the same machine. This eliminates the need for transfers between machines and reduces required floor space also.

The MCDL comes with up to 6 colors and two speeds for either 250 caps/minute or 350 caps/minute.

PSG’s MCDLs have been selected by many industry leaders for the side decoration of metal caps. These machines are the de facto standard of excellence for cap manufacturers worldwide.

The MRA 6 roll-forming machine which has a production speed of up to 700 extra long caps per minute closes the circle for the high speed production of fine aluminum caps.

Machines for Slitting Plastic Beverage Caps

Plastic cap manufacturing is today one of the most innovative sector of packaging, constantly improving as beverage companies develop new products in a fast changing market environment.

Growing competition faced by cap makers has raised new technical and economical challenges, which Packsys Global helps its customer to face. Production cost reduction, environmental awareness, but also dealing with the technical nature of the closure are today’s priorities which are taken into account when designing any of our machine.

Most of the major plastic cap manufacturers around the globe do trust Packsys Global machines, recognizingthe suitability of our slitters, assembling machines, or lining machines to the market demand.

Our strong R&D resources have led to new machine developments year after year, offering more productivity, flexibility, and versatility.less


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