Night Vision, LED Lighting, EMI/EMC Filters and Military Components

Oxley Group

Oxley is a specialist supplier of LED lighting systems, night vision optics and electronics for air, sea and land applications. Oxley's engineers employ precision machining equipment, on-site prototype design, assembly and test instruments for fast project turnaround. From standardised components to tailor-made lighting designs, Oxley technology has been tried and tested in commercial and defence applications across the globe.more

Oxley specialise in the development of new lighting systems for military shelters and vehicles. Oxley lighting systems can also be employed in tents, military shelters, field hospitals, command units, ground stations, UAV control consoles, communications facilities, field storage containers and many other applications. The company are world leaders in night vision lighting. Oxley pioneered infra-red driving lights for military vehicles involved in covert operations.

Oxley's product range includes:

  • Aircraft Lighting Systems
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Ship Lighting
  • Vehicle Lighting Systems
  • Shelter Lighting
  • EMC and EMI Filters
  • LED Indicators
  • Military Interconnects

LED Shelter and Vehicle Lighting

Oxley supply land-based LED shelter and vehicle lighting for military applications. Rugged, sturdy and robustly sealed lighting systems feature EMC protection and a high mean time between failure targeted specifically at military applications.

Combi-Lights combine 3 lights in a single unit operating in primary, emergency or blackout modes. Compatible with a wide range of land-based applications they can be tailored to meet specialist requirements.

Oxley's mini floodlights are effective for illuminating areas of restricted height and space, which are common in military vehicles and shelters. Floodlights are available for visible light operation or for compatibility with night vision goggles.

Robust Gooseneck LED technology is built to demanding military specifications. The lighting is vibration and shock-proof with an optional second colour, a choice of angled or straight head and night vision compatibility as needed.

Oxley offer a full portfolio of IR Driving / convoy lights and internal standard visible, night vision friendly / compatible and covert lighting solutions for military vehicles and shelters. These include headlights, convoy lights, LED indicators, area and flood lights.

Aircraft Navigation and Cockpit Lighting

Oxley offer an extensive range of aircraft navigation and cockpit lighting. Solutions are available on all scales up to fleet-wide upgrades of external LED and cockpit lighting.

External lighting can be supplied of the shelf, or developed to meet specialist user requirements including compatibility with night vision goggles. Oxley's product range includes aircraft navigation lights, tail lights, obstruction landing and taxi, fuel and strobe lighting solutions.

Oxley's range of MIL-STD-3009 NVG compatible cockpit lighting solutions include panel lamps, LED bulb replacements, indicators, illuminated panels, bezels and caps. Oxley also provide complete night vision cockpit upgrades.

Oxley's internal lighting portfolio includes dome, area and emergency exit lighting along with mini floodlights for cabins, walkways, loading ramps and other applications.

Submarine and Ship Lights

Oxley deliver specialist lighting solutions for marine and naval operations, including submarine and ship lights. They also offer night vision upgrades for naval jets and helicopters. Naval operations frequently involve launching aircraft at night, so it is important that all lights - internal and external - employ night vision Friendly™ technology.

Oxley ship lights include bridge, navigation, control room, deck and compartment lighting along with flight deck illuminations and visual landing aids. The company are also experienced in the use of night vision compatible lighting for ship based applications.

Oxley supply LED submarine lights including area, walkway and compartment lighting. They can also help to refit submarines, replacing old incandescent and fluorescent lighting with low profile, high performance LEDs with optional explosion proof enclosures.

Oxley can install night vision lighting in independent and warship-deployed patrol craft. This includes infrared "follow me" and front lights, which offer a significant operational advantage for nighttime operations.

In addition to their lighting products, Oxley offer EMC and EMI filters together with miniaturised data capture solutions for military applications. For further information, contact Oxley today.less


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