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Overland Experts

Overland Experts (OEX) specializes in comprehensive off-road mobility training for all applications, all terrains, and under all conditions for a wide range of vehicle platforms. Based in the US, with headquarters in Connecticut and facilities in Virginia and North Carolina, the company delivers training services around the globe. Founded in 1998 by 4x4 expert Bruce Elfström, Overland Experts provides training for military and professional clients who are likely to encounter severe driving conditions. All courses are tutored by certified, experienced, trained, instructors.more

Platforms we can teach:

  • 4x4
  • ATV and UTV
  • Armored Vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • MRAP/MATV and other large platforms
  • Horseback

Course offerings fall into these categories:

  • 5 Day
  • 3 Day
  • "Combo" Classes
  • Extended Expedition Training
  • Modules
  • Workshops
  • Worldwide Mobile Training

Off Road 4x4 Driver Training

The OEX Way

OEX offer off road 4x4 driver training courses that are customized to meet the needs of a particular client, but all courses contain a core curriculum presented in a linear progression. Using OEXs vehicle 4x4 fleet (Hilux, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, etc) or your supplied platform, it is the consistency of the curriculum and the instructors that allows for a rapid learning process cementing the learned skill set into long-term memory. No matter the course or the platform, the message remains the same. All the trainees are brought to a skill baseline.

Teamwork is enhanced by the common skill set and standardized methodology. The basics of all courses are driver skills, vehicle preservation, recovery methods, and field repair. Understanding vehicle systems, their function, and their management is the basis of it all. The ability to understand the factors involved in operating any vehicle on any piece of terrain is the objective. OEX teaches how to plan and execute driving at a level most have never conceived of before.

Off Road Mobility Training

General Course Format

A 5 Day off road mobility training course begins with a thorough lecture on vehicle systems and progresses through step by step implementation and practice. Presentations of recovery methods are followed by hands-on practice. A presentation of the basic vehicle mechanical systems emphasizes diagnosis of malfunction and possible repair. Both diesel and gasoline systems are covered.

These presentations are alternated with lots of driving, which starts at the most basic obstacles and progresses as the skill set is demonstrated. Typically, a stable of 4x4 vehicles, a variety of SUVs and Pickups, including manual and automatic transmissions, left and right-hand drive, and both diesel and gasoline engines, is used. A 3 Day course would present the same material as the 5 Day, with less time for repeated application.

Army Vehicle Recovery Training

Client Specific Possibilities and Other Formats

Overland experts also offer specialist driver training courses covering a combination of different vehicles, including elements of army vehicle recovery training, as well as driving and repair skills. A "Combo" class might consist of armored 4x4 and standard 4x4, or 4x4 and ATV platforms, as an example, or motorcycle and horse and so on. At a more advanced level, particular clients might arrange for an extended expedition-level training course. These are put together on a course-by-course basis with location and duration to be determined.

The Module format has been developed based on the civilian, utility and mining companies, and military, but works as a series of one day/one subject high intensity and detail classes, presented in a particular order over a longer time frame. A client would register for the series, thus reducing repetition and review time from class to class. A Workshop is a one day class that can be arranged by a group or offered as open admission for sign-up covering a single general subject.

Much of OEX's training is delivered at their three US locations in Virginia, North Carolina and Connecticut. However, they also offer a World Wide Mobile Training team offering dedicated training at a site of your choice. World Wide Mobile Training activities have proved extremely popular, aiding Navy Special Warfare, ExxonMobil and other geo-exploration companies. World Wide Mobile Training can visit you at your chosen location and deliver customized training to meet individual client requirements.

All of the staff at Overland Experts have an in-depth, practical understanding of 4x4 operation in off-road conditions and remote areas and are experienced in teaching drivers in a clear and approachable manner. All have been personally vetted and trained by the founder and CEO, Bruce Elfström over a 2-year apprenticeship.

Overland experts can supply excellent references from clients, such as the the US State Department and various SOCOM sources.

References can be provided from organizations including the US State Department and various SOCOM sources.less


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