Orwak 1030 Waste Compactor for Public Environments


New waste compactor for public environments saves valuable time!

Orwak 1030 Waste Compactor

Orwak 1030 combined with a convenient liquid moduleOrwak recently launched the new waste compactor Orwak 1030. It is a new solution in our product assortment and it is perfect for public environments like amusement parks, fast food restaurants, shopping centers, airports, train and bus stations. It has a good appetite for what is left over on the tray and it takes care of every litter.

At your service during rush hours

In rush hour, customers are lining up at the counter in the fast food restaurants and in the coffee shops, around the clock commuters and other travelers hurry through transportation hubs and when the gates open in the morning, excited visitors stream into popular amusement parks.

The trash bins fill up rapidly, but the staff in busy locations like cafés and restaurants need to concentrate on value creating activities like serving the customers and should spend a minimum amount of time on waste handling.

The waste compactor has a small footprint and takes up about the same floor space as an ordinary waste bin, but the waste management is much more efficient, as the volume reduction is up to at least 7:1.

Orwak  1030 Waste CompactorIt means that the waste compactor swallows at least 7 times as much waste as an ordinary bin before the bag has to be switched! If the trash bins are replaced by Orwak 1030 units, the staff saves valuable time, which can be devoted to taking care of the customers and the area in large frequented premises like shopping centers, airports and train stations does not have to be patrolled by cleaning staff nearly as often as before.

A decreasing number of bags of waste take up less storage space that can be put to much better use. Fewer bags also facilitate unhindered movement behind the scenes in the waste collection area.

Fewer bags leads to reduced fees for waste removal

Successful installation at a fast food restaurant in a ski resort. Orwak 1030 does not take up more space than an ordinary waste bin, but it has room for at least 7 times more waste.The effective volume reduction of the bags contributes to a more profitable waste management. It leads to reduced fees for waste removal as compacted waste naturally requires less transportation than loose. Fewer bags result either in fewer pick up times or less volume per waste removal occasion.

No more overflowing waste receptacles in sight!

Everyone is familiar with the classic problem of overloaded trash bins and consequently, trays tend to be left on the tables and waste piles up on the floor. Needless to say, overflowing waste receptacles are not an appealing sight for customers, shoppers or visitors. Orwak 1030 contributes to creating a neater, more hygienic environment and to achieving a greater satisfaction among employees and customer! When the visitors find the milieu tidy and orderly, it is likely that they feel inspired to preserve it by disposing of their litter in the waste compactor.

Orwak 1030 is equipped with an automatic shutter, which means that no hands need to touch it to discard the waste! It is an important feature in order to meet hygienic standards and to prevent transmission of infections in highly frequented public areas. Orwak 1030 has an overload protection and starts indicating when it is 80 % full. If the machines would get filled up to 100 %, the shutter will get locked automatically. It is rewarding for the staff when it is gets to occupy itself less time with the waste handling and the visitors are pleased with the clean environment. The customers enjoy their meals and the visitors thrive in the relaxing lounges and waiting areas when they are not exposed every now and then to waste bags being removed and transported through the premises.

Orwak 1030 with customized profile for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor in an amusement parkShort cycle time!

Orwak 1030 has a short cycle time of only 15 seconds! To arrange the waste disposal even more efficiently in rush hour the setting can be changed in order to allow the shutter to stay open for a certain interval before it closes and the machine starts compacting the waste.

Automatic shutter - no touching required

The user feels comfortable as the shutter opens automatically when approached without any touching required. For safety reasons and to prevent odor, the waste is compacted in a bag in a sealed chamber. Orwak 1030 is a reliable machine that requires little maintenance and is easy to keep clean.

Does not interrupt the conversation

Orwak 1030 has a noise level of less than 60 dB, which means that it does its job without interrupting any conversation and that it is ideal for locations close to the customers.

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