Radio Controlled Diesel-Hydraulic Grab

Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Orts are a specialist manufacturer of grabs and bulk handling machinery. Some recent grab orders include:

  • 2 units 24m3 4-rope grabs for Far East
  • 8 units of electro-hydraulic grabs EHS-B 12m3 for a customer in Singapore
  • A set of electro- hydraulic grabs EHS-B 10m3 to the Near East.
4-Rope Grabs 24m³ During Load-TestRope Grabs

Most of our customers are shipping companies and they are located around the world. But we deliver also special constructions to building and construction companies e.g. in the USA and Belgium. Our grabs are in operation not only on board of bulk carriers, but also at water power plants and iron and steel works.

Electro-Hydraulic GrabsElectro-Hydraulic Grabs

The crisis two years ago didn't harm us; all our customers were well prepared and had a solid financial situation.

Radio Controlled Diesel-Hydraulic Grab

This year we have a kind of jubilee: nearly 20 years ago we started to develop the very first radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grab. The idea was to find an alternative solution to the mechanical single rope grabs. Mechanical single rope grabs are robust and easy in maintenance (that time pure mechanical, without radio control for opening like nowadays). But the disadvantages are:

  • quite low t/h turn around, because this grab type is slow
  • difficulties with heavy bulk cargo
  • problems caused by the working high: in ports with low tide it can happen that the deck cranes can not reach the top of the hoppers with the grabs, when the water is low
Diesel-Hydraulic Grab Discharging Iron OreDiesel Hydraulic Grab / Truck

Later on the hoppers were developed and fitted with dust reduction system. Because of that it appears that the mechanical single rope grabs were not allowed anymore to use the hopper for the "touch down" to open the grab. To open such a grab in the air over the hopper are two possibilities: with a rip cord via hand pull or with a radio control.

The ORTS developed radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grab doesn't have all these problems:

  • high turn around t/h
  • high closing force on the clamshell knives (effective handling of heavy bulk cargo)
  • no working high (grab is connected to the crane hook with a short chain suspension)
  • additional: comparing to the mechanical single rope grabs, the dead weight is lower
Radio Controlled Diesel-Hydraulic GrabDiesel-Hydraulic Grab

As far as we know, ORTS was the very first grab maker with a radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grab in its product range. The diesel-hydraulic grabs are also available in orange-peel design for e.g. rocks, scrap and coarse limestone. In South Africa we had a project which demonstrated the power of our diesel-hydraulic grabs. A damaged Bulker had to be emptied as fast as possible, because with load the vessel couldn't go for repair.

The customer took our diesel-hydraulic grabs via air freight down to SA and the grabs did their job very successfully (176.000t of fine iron ore were discharged within a short time).

The customer knew our diesel-hydraulic from a former, similar "emergency"- project in Singapore and he knew about the power of the ORTS grabs.

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