Cargo Recovery with Diesel-Hydraulic Grabs

Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik GmbH

A UK company specializing in cargo recovery from damaged vessels, has purchased a radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grab DHS-B from Orts GmbH for a new project in Singapore.

Cargo Recovery

Cargo Recovery Grab

The company had experienced the reliability and effectiveness of Orts diesel-hydraulic grabs from previous cargo recovery projects. The grab was transported via air- freight to Singapore to rescue a dry cargo load from the vessel as speedily as possible. Two other grabs (also Orts diesel-hydraulic grabs, which the company already owned) were brought to the area via air-freight.

In 2010 Orts diesel-hydraulic grabs were used for a similar project in South Africa. This project involved discharging 180,000 tonnes of iron ore from a damaged vessel in the shortest possible time.

Electro-Hydraulic Grabs

In other recent events, Orts has delivered 16 electro-hydraulic grabs - with crane equipment - to a European shipping company. The shipping company has new buildings in China where the vessels will be equipped with Orts EHS-B-grabs.

Diesel-Hydraulic Grab

Orts will also be delivering a complete set of electro-hydraulic grabs - including crane equipment - to an Asian shipping company in 2013. This company is a long term customer, who has already experienced the benefits of Orts reliable, effective and fast electro-hydraulic grabs.
ORTS have also developed a smaller radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grab for a German customer. The customer wants to use this grab for bio-mass handling in power plants. Together with the customer Orts developed a new grab design, to meet the company's biomass-handling requirements.

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