4-Rope Mechanical Grabs

Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik GmbH

4-Rope Grabs

Orts GmbH have delivered a pair of mechanical 4-rope grabs to a customer in the Far East.

Orts offer a broad variety of cargo- and material-handling solutions including rope, diesel-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic grabs, together with specialist wood, salvage and dredger grabs.

4-Rope Mechanical Grabs

The two 4-rope mechanical grabs (pictured right - during load testing) are both of type 2S-4-1B and have a clamshell volume of 24m³. They are designed for applications in coal handling and trans-shipping.

Orts gained the contract due to a combination of their top quality workmanship and their ability to offer "Made in Germany" technology at a reasonable price.

Contact Orts, or visit the website for more information on their range of grabs and maintenance services.

Rope Grab Delivery
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