Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik Ltd

Diesel Hydraulic / Rope / Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

Orts supply a broad catalogue of radio controlled diesel-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, rope grabs and lifting beams for applications in the construction and freight industries. Specialist grabs can also be developed to meet specialist client requirements.

The range of products available for the construction industry include:

Electro-Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

Orts offer electro-hydraulic clamshell grabs with a wide choice of designs for applications ranging from lifting large batches of heavy timbers to shifting earth, sand and cement.

The drives are driven by cylinders powered by an electric motor and hydraulic pump. A cable from the crane provides power to the grab, and also carries its commands.

Orts grabs are designed for exceptional reliability, ensuring that they remain the ideal, cost-effective option for long term operation.

Radio Controlled Diesel Hydraulic Grabs

Orts' radio controlled diesel hydraulic grabs are especially suited to working in the construction industry. They are suitable for lifting sand, rubble and many other materials. The radio-controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs are particularly convenient for construction applications as they do not require a power cable or other crane accessories, and they can discharge from any height for safe filling of hoppers, trucks or railway wagons.

These grabs are driven by hydraulic cylinders featuring a diesel motor and hydraulic pump. The grabs can be fitted to any type of crane for versatile and efficient operation.

Mechanical Rope Grabs

Mechanical rope grabs are a controlled directly by ropes from the crane. Orts offer a range of 2-, 3- and 4-rope designs featuring up to 2 holding ropes and two closing ropes dependent on the type of crane in use.

The grabs can be employed for a broad set of tasks including coal handling and trans-shipping. A customised model of 4-rope mechanical grab has even been used for dredging mud and 60 tone boulders from a harbour basin.

Contact Orts today for advice on the best grab solution to meet your requirements.

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Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik Ltd
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