Pallet Dolly, Airport Ramp Equipment and Passenger Stair Supply

Orientitan GSE

Established in 2004, Orientitan GSE is a professional Chinese provider of Ground Support Equipment. We design and manufacture cargo dollies, pallet dolly products, slave pallets, cargo carts, passenger stairs, storage rack, etc.

Orientitan GSE is famous for its high quality product s and excellent service. We have gained recognition as a professional provider to both regional and international airports, with a constant focus on the development of new solutions and the delivery of equipment tailored to meet differing applications. The ISO9002 quality system ensures that our customers receive thorough product support and service.more

Cargo Dollies / Pallet Dolly Manufacture

At Orientitan, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of a large range of cargo dollies for airport applications. Key areas include cargo dolly, container dolly and pallet dolly manufacture. Of the three main cargo dollies provided, container and pallet dolly are the main focuses of our production line.

The turntable dolly is suitable for LD2 and LD3 cargo containers, the ten feet dolly is suitable for 88” x 125” and 96” x 125” cargo pallets and cargo containers. The alternative is our twenty foot dolly, suitable for 88” & 96” cargo pallets and 125” & 239” cargo containers.

Cargo Carts

We provide reliable and easy-to-use cargo carts ideal for a range of airport applications. Orientitan cargo carts have proven themselves suitable for the safe transportation of passenger baggage, luggage, bulk cargo and mail. The cargo carts range includes a choice of open style and closed style cargo carts, depending on the application and operation requirement.

The closed type cargo cart is especially suited to operation in bad weather conditions, enabling objects extra protection during transit. Closed cargo carts can include protective material or metal walls.

Slave Pallets

Air cargo slave pallets assist ground support staff with careful and efficient baggage transit and handling. Orientitan GSE has the capacity and experience to provide a large variety of slave pallets, available in all kinds of sizes to meet specific needs.

The slave pallets range includes the roller deck slave pallet and ball deck slave pallet. All Orientitan slave pallets are suitable for 88” x 125” and 96” x 125” cargo containers, and for use with 4-way Forklift Tineways.

Passenger Stair Supply

At Orientitian, we recognise the importance of safe, compact passenger stair supplying, and the use of stairs that can be deployed with ease for any aircraft. We pride ourselves on our experienced passenger stair supply. The passenger stairs available are towable and can be towed by cargo truck, enabling your new passenger stair equipment to fit seamlessly with your existing ground support products. Our passenger steps are suitable for use at various passenger doors, with the height from 2500mm to 5400mm designed to be compatible for the different aircrafts.

Airport Ramp Equipment

Orientitan GSE produces all types of airport ramp equipment, which are mainly suitable for those companies who do ground service, ramp service and cargo handling services in the aviation industry. Our airport ramp equipment factory is well equipped with advanced machines and tools, ( a total of approx. 100sets) including lathe, a paint sprayer, sand blaster, punching machine, shearing machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, bending machine and many more.

This huge store of tools enables us to manufacture airport ramp equipment and products to meet specific demands and requirements.

Customized Service

We deeply understand the difference in product design and style between different districts and customers; If you have a special requirement, just tell us and we will make a customize service exactly to meet your needs.less

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