Marine Turbines Generate Renewable Energy from Tidal Streams


OpenHydro specializes in marine turbines manufacture for the generation of renewable energy from tidal streams. OpenHydro’s goal is to implement large under-sea marine turbine farms for the environmental generation of power. A main advantage of this proposal is the avoidance of noise pollution.

The ideology behind OpenHydro’s marine turbines manufacture is the use of power from the world’s oceans for various purposes. This processes generates renewable energy from tidal streams, as it is reliant on the tides. OpenHydro’s advanced environmental technology enables power generation from the world’s seas in a cost-effective and responsible manner.more

Marine Turbines Manufacture

OpenHydro’s marine turbines manufacture includes the production of the Open-Centre marine turbine. Intended for placement on the ocean floor, the Open-Centre cannot be seen from the sea’s surface and the noise created is inaudible. The depth of the turbines means that they will not pose a risk to navigational systems or vessels. The Open-Centre marine turbine farms have the ability to generate a large and untraceable supply of reliable and renewable energy.

Renewable Energy from Tidal Streams

OpenHydro specializes in the creation of frequent renewable energy from tidal streams. In recent years, the damage to the environment and Earth’s climate caused by harmful gases from the use of fossil fuels has become apparent. Pressure now is strong to find and install alternative methods of energy generation, as the scientific predictions of the effects if these practices were to be continued indefinitely are alarming.  Prominent problems with the use of fossil fuels include their potential to be exhausted as a resource; also their conversion into useful energy creates dangerous products as a result, constantly damaging the environment further. Consideration of these problems strengthens the case for renewable energy solutions such as marine turbines. As new laws are bought in to see the replacement of fossil fuels and the requirement for energy likely to grow, the development of novel technologies for power generation will become increasingly critical. OpenHydro is proud to be at the forefront of genergy innovation with its marine turbines manufacture.less


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