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For over 150 years the Met Office has been a leading authority delivering global weather reports, information and forecasts for the international market. Working closely with governments, contractors and public bodies the Met Office helps improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness for a number of private and public sectors.

One sector which benefits from the services offered by the Met Office is the aviation and airport industry, receiving software and support for better forecasts as well as improved efficiency and safety. Weather conditions can create safety hazards and a substantial loss in profit, as a result the aviation industry benefits greatly from the services and solutions provided by the Met office.more

Currently the Met Office is one of only two World Area Forecasts Centres (WAFC) providing high-level weather information and that operates the Satellite Distribution (SADIS) system for commercial airlines in more than 120 countries.

The Met Office has developed a range of software to help the different operations at airports and airfields, a which include:

  • OpenRunway - An Online Weather Forecasting Package
  • Aircraft de-icing Forecast Service
  • Clear Flight - Flight Path and Scheduling Software
  • Weather Windows

OpenRunway - Online Weather Forecasting Package

OpenRunway is an online weather forecasting package designed to help keep airport runways open and flights running on schedule. Critical weather information is available from one central location and alerts the users to changing conditions for improved planning and reduced disruption.

Providing operators with forecasts up to five days ahead will help mitigate the effects of weather on the airport's operations. Accurate and reliable information will help reduce costs, minimising downtime and allow the allocation of resources to be more efficiently deployed at the airport or airfield.

The software's key features include an hour-by-hour summary and detailed graphs showing current and forecast weather conditions. A map viewer is also available to help you visualise weather forecasts showing weather radar and satellite overlays. The Met Office can also offer aviation forecasters to assist with decision making 24 hours a day.


Aircraft De-Icing Forecast Service

The Met Office offers an aircraft de-icing forecast service specifically developed for airlines, airports and de-icing suppliers. The service gives proactive alerts either by SMS, fax or email enabling more efficient deicing operations and reduced delays through improved planning. Currently in use at the world's busiest airports, the service has been proven to reduce icing delays by 84% and reduce costs by up to 30%.

Key benefits not only include reduced costs and icing delays, but as a result give greater customer satisfaction due to improved turnaround times and have less of an environmental impact as a result reduce fluid overheating.

Aircraft De-Icing Forecast Services


Flight operators and dispatchers require accurate weather conditions and forecasts when planning flight paths and schedules. The ClearFlight system gives operators and dispatchers the information to plan operations and resources by having all key weather information in one central location allowing them to monitor weather conditions including ash clouds and storms.

The software allows users to input and modify their own thresholds, enabling the software to be tailored for each particular circumstance. 

ClearFlight provides a simple to interpret map view of weather alerts relevant to your flight network, making it the perfect situational awareness tool suitable for display on Operation and Crew Briefing Room displays. The service can improve the way flight ops staff monitor the weather by providing visual alerts, thus reducing the time required to monitor the weather and increase the time spent on other operational activities. The integration of Flight Tracking with latest weather and location information allows better planning for periods of irregular operations and planning for diverts/alternates



Planning of construction work or maintenance to airport infrastructure and runways require careful planning to avoid airport operations being disrupted whilst also ensuring weather dependant projects can be completed to schedule.

The Met Office has provided the WeatherWindows online forecasting system, allowing you to generate plans with greater confidence and ease. This is achieved by giving users simple colour coded displays, which show the best period for tasks to be completed using a risk based approached and the reduced need to interpret weather information.


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