High-Speed Video Cameras and Remote Visual Inspection Equipment


Olympus is recognised around the world as a manufacturer of high quality optical products, such as cameras and microscopes, but what is not so well known is that the company has both High-Speed Video cameras and endoscopic Remote Visual Inspection products as a significant part of its portfolio. As an operating division of the Industrial Systems Group, Olympus Industrial, based in Southend-on-Sea, designs, manufactures and distributes high-speed video cameras and endoscopy systems to customers within the packaging industry worldwide.more

Olympus i-Speed Cameras

Formed in 1970 and now employing over 800 people, the company’s portfolio of products for the packaging industry has expanded in line with the company itself.  The i-SPEED range of high-speed cameras has been specifically designed with the packaging industry in mind – robust, portable and above all, unlike traditional high-speed camera systems, easy to use.

High-Speed Video Cameras

The key to this “usability” has been the industry unique Controller Display Unit (CDU) which means that the cameras run completely independently of a PC and, as the CDU is cabled to the camera, it also means that the camera may be positioned inside the machinery whilst the operator controls and views the camera at a safe distance.  The company’s extensive range of endoscopic borescopes and light sources mean that even the areas most difficult to access and illuminate may be viewed.

Production Processes

Over the years since these products were launched, users frequently discover that they provide real value to their own processes. The most common uses include aiding with the set-up of new machinery to determine timing and synchronisation of mechanisms, the performance benchmarking of new machinery for historical analysis or for distribution and for faults diagnosis and subsequent correction. High-speed cameras, in conjunction with borescopes, take away the guesswork and the trial and error approach to resolving packaging issues – reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.less


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