Efficient Wind Turbines: Offshore, Onshore or Inland


Nordex have been producing wind turbines since its foundation in 1985 before international demand increased in the early 1990’s. Nordex employees over 2,000 people and have production facilities based in Germany and China.

Nordex produce and install turbines available for onshore, offshore or inland requirements and have different turbines for a range of wind speeds and different energy needs. There is over 3,700 systems installed across the world.  more

N100 Low / Moderate Wind Turbine

The Nordex N100/2500 Kilo Watt  (KW) / 2.5 Mega Watt (MW) wind turbine is designed for low and moderate wind conditions. It has 49 meter long rotor blades, so the overall rotor diameter is almost 100 meters. The blade covers some 7,823 square meters, which produces an increase of 23 percent sweep compared to the N90/2500 turbine. This therefore makes the N100 a fantastic choice for average wind speeds of approximately 7.5 m/s.

N90 Efficient Wind Turbine

The experience that we gained from installing our N80/2500 kW and N90/2300 kW turbines led to the design of our 2.5 MW machine with its 90-metre blade, the guaranteed power curve, independently measured noise properties and the network compatibility comparable to our N90/2300 kW make the N90/2500 kW the most efficient wind turbine in the Nordex range.

N90 Offshore Wind Turbine

This is available in both high-speed and low-speed versions of the turbine which take advantage of both strong and light winds. The Technology is based on the Nordex N90, but we have incorporated some changes for the offshore variant  to be used at sea.

The principal differences to the N90 onshore machine are   * Advanced corrosion protection and dehumidification    * Metal cladding and a redesigned machine housing    * Integrated transformer and frequency converter from the foot of the system to the nacelle    * Redundant and automatic cooling system    * Bespoke technical facilities for service at sea.

Our engineers have developed an integrated crane which is able to exchange all the main components of the system. The aim is to reduce service operations to a minimum and create a highly autonomous system.We have already installed two offshore turbines, one in 2003 off the Danish port of Frederikshavn in the Kattegatt, and the second in February 2006 when we installed Germany`s first offshore turbine some 500 meters off the quay wall of the Rostock international port. Both turbines have an installed capacity of 2.5 MW and a rotor diameter of 90 metres.

N90 2.3 MW Inland Wind Turbine

To make use of wind power potential at inland locations, Nordex has the N90 2.3MW, which has a fully certified power curve, noise & emission levels and grid compatibility that has been given by independent experts.The N90 rotor reaches its nominal output even at relatively low wind speeds this ensures the high yields across the entire wind spectrum can be achieved at inland sites.

N80 2.5 MW Variable Speed Wind Turbine

Our N80 has a capacity of 2.5 MW which makes it the first choice when it comes to value for money, especially at strong wind sites.Our knowledge in the megawatt class has been acquired on the basis of practical operation since 1995, this has made it possible for us to develop the N80 successfully. Thanks to its pitch control, the N80 GL-1-certified machine is able to optimize the energy yield at all wind speeds.

S77/1500 kW Turbine

The S77 has been designed with the experience gained from the S70. As a result of the enlarged rotor diameter (77 metres) and the pitch technology used, the turbine is designed to be used in areas with middle and low wind speeds. When you buy the S77 you are guaranteed a modern and reliable system, which combines consistent engineering with high-quality components in an efficient concept. (The S77 turbine is offered exclusively for the asian-pacific markets)

The Nordex S70 /1500

This was created on the basis of pitch technology and follows upon the successful solutions incorporated in the 600-750 kW turbines, this knowledge has been transferred in to our megawatt class. In this way, a tried and tested technology has been consistently implemented and the details optimized. (The turbine is offered exclusively for the asian-pacific markets)less


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