Casevac / Medevac Equipment and Shock Absorbing Support Racks

Nodin Aviation AS

Nodin Aviation AS is a Norwegian Company specialised in developing role equipment for rapid reconfiguration of troop transport vehicles, vessels or aircraft into CASEVAC/MEDEVAC units. The equipment is designed to be deployed quickly with low weight and focus on comfort for the patients.

To ensure success we take pride in working closely with our customers and users in particular, hence our motto;Your needs - Our knowledge – Equals innovation.more

Casevac / Medevac Equipment

Our staff and associates have several decades of experience in finding solutions for Casevac and Medevac Equipment to suit customer needs. This enables Nodin Aviation to respond quickly and to present the initial draft of concept to the customer. Through a network of associated companies we are able to include additional knowledge and capacity into our projects to manage complex projects and to develop concepts to our customers’ satisfaction.

Emergency / Army Stretchers

Our Army Stretcher is foldable with telescopic handles, it weighs 7,6 kg (16,7 pound). The Light Emergency Stretcher system (LESS) has unique features allowing the patient to be handled only once during the whole chain from injury, thru transportation and examination. Light, stackable, buoyant, translucent and insulating makes it versatile and ideal for catastrophe or accident preparedness.

Stretcher Support Racks: NT-561 and NT-730

Nodin Aviation has developed Stretcher Support Racks for use in aircraft where, under normal conditions, shocks and jolts are minimal.  The NT-561 is developed for integration in troop seats, typical in helicopters. NT-730 is developed for integration in standard seat rails, typical passenger aircraft and helicopters.

Shock Absorbing Support Racks: NT-620

For vessels and vehicles, where it is almost impossible to avoid shocks, jolts and vibrations, Nodin Aviation AS has developed the NT-620, a Shock Absorbing Support Rack with a unique and patented dampening unit. This unit may be used in several other applications to reduce shock, jolts and vibrations.Evacuations of sick and wounded persons are a logistic chain where time is a critical factor. The use of role equipment in ordinary troop transport units will often dramatically reduce the time from the injury until the patient is taken under medical treatment.

Challenge us and we will challenge you back to assure the best possible solution to your need of medevac equipment.less


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