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Newcon Optik

Newcon Optik is a world leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imagers, night vision systems, laser rangefinders, laser aimers and tactical day optics. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Newcon Optik's dealer network is present on six continents and its products are relied upon by military, government and commercial customers in more than 70 countries. By working closely with our customers and partners, Newcon Optik consistently produces technologically advanced products that serve the needs of the military, law enforcement, search & rescue, surveillance, hunting and marine professional users around the globe.more

Thermal Imaging Systems

  •  Observation, Ground & Weapon Systems

Night Vision Systems

  • Aviation, Ground & Weapon Systems
  • Image Intensifier Tubes

Laser Rangefinders

  • OEM Modules for Systems Integrators
  • Ground & Weapon Systems

Tactical Optics

  • Gyrostabilized Binoculars
  • Sniper Detection
  • Riflescopes
  • Laser Aimers
  • CQB Sights
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Binoculars

SENTINEL LRF - Long-Range Thermal LRF Binocular

The SENTINEL LRF is the most effective thermal laser rangefinder binocular available. It serves a wide variety of tactical, law enforcement, border security and Special Forces applications.

SENTINEL LRF can detect objects at remote distances 24 hours a day, through smoke, fog or camouflage. The unit's eye-safe laser rangefinder and digital magnetic compass instantly measure distance, azimuth and inclination of far-off targets. Data is displayed inside the field of view and can be exported via the computer output to a variety of peripheral devices.

LRB 12K & LRB 12KNIGHT - Long-Range LRF Binoculars with Night Capability

Packing a virtually endless set of performance features into a MIL-SPEC form, the LRB 12K and 12KNIGHT are built to outperform any handheld LRF binoculars available today.

A 12 km (NATO target) measuring range, built-in digital magnetic compass & GPS receiver, crystal clear LED display, and in the LRB 12KNIGHT, a Gen 3 night vision channel with minimum exportable FOM >1600, are combined into an invaluable force multiplier.

Through USB and RS-232 interfaces, the binoculars can be operated remotely, have their stored data exported, and communicate with external GPS systems and ballistic computers.

NVS 14 - Night Vision Monocular Series (Gen 3, Auto-Gated & Black and White Options)

The NVS 14 series monoculars all use advanced Gen 3 IITs, with minimum, exportable FOM >1600, have a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism, and are fully MIL-SPEC. The monoculars are also available with autogated and black & white IITs.

The monoculars are among the smallest and lightest products of their kind, and with a full range of optional accessories (including helmet, weapon & head mounts and 3x & 5x lenses), they are among the world's most versatile night vision devices.

NVS 27 - Night Vision Clip-On

NVS 27 is a high-resolution night vision clip-on designed to mount in front of virtually any daytime riflescope. It enables flawless night vision imaging on magnifications between 1x and 20x, boasts an extra wide FOV, extended target detection range, in-built IR illuminator, and manual gain control. It uses a Gen 3 IIT with minimum exportable FOM >1600.

NVS 27 offers a variety of mounting options including an M1913 rail and various-sized scope ring adaptors for mounting directly onto the objective lens of the day optic. It is installed, operated and removed without tools and without affecting the zeroing of the day optic.less


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Newcon Optik
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