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Complex Situations

The security sector is a complex and continuously evolving world. Security managers must be highly creative, working at the cutting edge of knowledge and experience to guarantee continuous, effective security. This is the challenge that Nedap loves to solve. We thrive on making complex situations more flexible, effective and easier for you to handle. And we do this via AEOS. 

A Unique Solution

Nedap thrives on finding flexible solutions to complex situations, allowing you to handle them more easily and more effectively. At the heart of this is the AEOS security management platform.

AEOS, developed by Nedap, is unique in the security industry. It’s the first security management platform based on a versatile controller where software determines functionality. An AEOS security management platform is so flexible it can be shaped to your exact needs, and can be easily and cost-effectively adapted and updated as needed. We develop AEOS and extend its capabilities continuously – in-house. That’s why we’re always interested to hear your views and know the challenges you’re facing. Then we can develop relevant solutions to solve your specific problems.

Nedap's software features and solutions include:

Access Control

With AEOS access control, authorisations are allocated to people not cards – making it the easiest of access control systems to manage. You configure everyone’s profile centrally and their cards update automatically. Set authorisations however you wish for everyone, from employees to visitors and even vehicles. You can use pre-defined factors such as department, function, shift or country. You’ll save days in administration time and there’ll be far fewer mistakes. If your needs change, you can easily adapt AEOS Access Control. Everything’s managed via software, including adding extra functionality– whether you want to start controlling access to printers or lifts or set up professional visitor management.



Intrusion Detection

Unlike most intrusion detection platforms, AEOS Intrusion Detection allows you to add an unlimited number of users, zones and areas to your security infrastructure. If your needs change and you need to add more zones or alter your set-up, you can do that easily and quickly. With an AEOS intruder detection system you can easily add video management and access control onto the same platform. So you get a full overview of any incident and can react faster and more accurately.



Video Management

AEOS Video Management provides reliable, relevant footage so no detail goes unnoticed. And with the clearest, most user-friendly web application for video monitoring, it makes keeping a watchful eye easy. Based on open standards, it’s straightforward to implement in any business environment. You can use any type of camera or storage. And you can set up an unlimited number of cameras, allow an unlimited number of people to view the footage from anywhere with an internet connection and store an unlimited number of recordings. AEOS Video enriches the information provided by access control and intrusion detection, and vice versa. You get maximum control and protection of your premises.

Locker Management

AEOS Locker Management enables your personnel to use just one card to lock and open all kinds of compartments. You can also give a set group of people access to a specific locker or cabinet. Instead of having a key per compartment, you simply set what each person has access to. These authorisations are then immediately available on their card. Administration time is reduced dramatically with no physical keys to issue or replace. Rather than having a permanent locker per person, you can allocate lockers dynamically, limit access to certain times and give only certain people permanent or extended access to specific lockers. Our electronic locker system enables you to save space and money by having up to 50% fewer lockers.


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