CBRN Detection and Decontamination, Air Conditioning Filtration Units


Innovation focusing on your Safety.

From design to manufacturing, through to customer support, NBC-Sys – subsidiary of NEXTER GROUP - is a leading expert in various technologies for protection against Nuclear, Radiological, Biological or Chemical threats (CBRN).

Its range of products covers detection (chemical or biological), individual protection (gas masks, filtering canisters, air conditioning and filtration installed onboard vehicles or in buildings) as well as decontamination (aircraft, vehicles, sensitive equipment and people).more

CBRN Detection Systems for Military and Civilian Applications

In order to respond more appropriately to its customers’ requirements (military or civilian), NBC-Sys develops an active policy of preparing for the future by devoting 20% of its turnover to R&D.

With 80% of its workforce comprising of technicians and engineers, NBC-Sys can rely on expertise based on creativity, know-how and customer support.

Together with a dynamic training policy, our expertise is centred around the following fields: chemistry, biology, thermic, aerodynamics, plastics, electronics (hard and soft), measurements and tests, and ergonomics.

Furthermore, NBC-Sys products are present worldwide, particularly in Europe, Asia and in the Persian Gulf.

CBRN System Features

  • Detection systems
    • chemical toxic agent detector kit (KDTC),
    • field Biological Detection kit (KDTB Gold®)
    • individual detector of neurotoxin agents (DETINDIV),
    • paper detector (PDF1),
    • sampling equipment (EPTBC – set of biological and chemical sampling and transportation equipment – and sampling kit)
  • Individual protection
    • gas mask
    • military: soldiers (ARF-A), helicopter pilots (MEHARA), 
    • civilian: EVATOX (adult, child, infant, VIP),
    • filtering canister (NBC NATO, ABEK, Wide spectrum)
    • blower
    • (CASU)
    • survival kits (LABIC, ISK)

Collective Protection - Air Conditioning & Filtration Unit for Vehicles, Tents and Ships

  • ships
    • AFU 2400
    • a wide range of filters (particle filter, combined filter) for vehicle, shelter (fixed or mobile), aircraft… from 12 to 300 m3/h
  • tents & containers
    • AFU 300
    • AFU 600
  • vehicles
    • NBC protection systems (AFU 24 to AFU 180)
    • life support systems (from 75 to 180 m3/h)
    • air conditioning system
  • Decontamination systems
    • emergency: a range made with "Fuller's earth" ingredient
      • powdering gloves
      • decontamination kit
    • MEERKAT®: Multi-purpose CBRN modules – chemical or biological decontamination, CBRN reconnaissance, B&C sampling
    • EVA:  10 feet CBRN decontamiantion module
    • SDMS: Decontamination System for Sensitive Material
    • SYMODA: MObile SYstem for Air Decontamination
    • CERPE: personal decontamination line
    • SDA: thorough decontamination system
  • ServiceTo enable users to carry out their missions in a hostile Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) environment, NBC-Sys offers a complete range of services:
    • preliminary studies to product studies
    • technical and operational studies
    • conception through manufacture of complex systems
    • qualification
    • user training
    • logistical transport
    • laboratory testing with toxic agents of all types

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