CBRN Protection, Water Supply, Mobile Catering and Field Camp Systems

Kaercher Futuretech GmbH

Reliable Solutions from one source Kaercher Futuretech is a subsidiary of Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG, a high-pressure cleaning equipment manufacturer, and as such develops a range of products to meet special requirements of public customers.

Recognised worldwide as leading specialist, Kaercher Futuretech's area of focus remains technology designed to assist in disaster control and peacekeeping missions. This includes CBRN protection systems, water supply systems, mobile catering systems and field camp systems. Over 120 staff are employed at the central office in Schwaikheim helping to produce an annual turnover of approximately €75 million.more

As a highly flexible and capable systems vendor, Futuretech provides its modern, compact and highly mobile solutions in a standard modular form to enable customisation and configuration to meet the individual needs of customers.

CBRN / NBC Protection Systems

Kaercher Futuretech is a global leader in CBRN / NBC protection systems for use in both military and civilian applications. A comprehensive system of decontamination equipment is available which includes decontamination devices, models & systems as well as CBRN / NBC decontamination agents.

These technologies ensure the fast and powerful clean up of personnel, vehicles & tanks, air/watercraft, weapons, clothing, equipment and sensitive materials. They are indispensable when it comes to the survival of troops, civil populations, police, frontier guards and so forth in the face dangerous contamination. Custom designed solutions, on trailer or in containers, are available from Futuretech to meet specific requirements.

Within the CBRN / NBC protection systems range of solutions is the DRDS 1, a rescue and decontamination set for one individual, the world's first overall concept. The DRDS 1 significantly eases the work of fire-fighters and first attender whilst enabling a more human manner of rescue for patients through professional decontamination.

Military Water Supply Systems

Understanding the importance of basic drinking water in even the most demanding of environments, Kaercher Futuretech has developed a variety of mobile purification systems. The systems design allows them to desalinate both sea and brackish water to provide safe drinking water, from any water quality available, without the use of chemicals. Even contaminated water sources can be purified with Futuretech's systems.

Military water supply systems from Futuretech provide an innovative solution from a company which is continuously developing. The latest expansion includes a fully automatic water bottling plant, the WBP 1300, capable of filling 26,000 PET bottles, under hygienic conditions, per day. Top water quality is ensured through a number of UV disinfection steps during the PET bottling process.

Mobile Catering Systems

Specialist mobile catering system designs from Kaercher Futuretech are tested and produced with knowledge of experts around the world, to provide future-oriented, capable solutions. Both highly mobile and flexible in application, the mobile catering systems can be transported to the most remote sites - carried by road, air or sea.

Among Futuretech's catering systems is the KRR 50 E, a compact and mobile kitchen designed to allow top-quality catering in any location. The system can be erected regardless of a locations available infrastructure, in field conditions and in under 15 minutes.

The design converts three functional boxes, which are easily carried, into a complete catering solution that allows the use of most cooking methods including stewing, grilling, frying and backing. The KRR 50 E can service up to 50 mouths.

Military Field Camp

Kaercher Futuretech's range of military field camp systems are based on deployable military facilities and can be assembled in a very short time. They provide suitable work and living conditions similar to those in a soldier´s home country and are designed to promote soldiers & task forces well-being for enhanced moral & motivation.

A full modular structure product range is provided by Futuretech which includes sanitary facilities, laundry systems and catering solutions. The military field camp systems can service between 50 to 1000 individuals with numerous components available to configure various different systems. The choice of tent, trailer, container or platform system can be provided depending on the customers' requirements.

A number of different organisations have, and continue to, place their trust in Kaercher Futuretech's reliable solutions. These include the German Bundeswehr. NATO partners and armed forces around the world.

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