Polyactide Biopolymer, Renewable Plant Resource, Natural Plastic

NatureWorks LLC

NatureWorks LLC is the first commercial scale manufacturer and supplier of polylactide biopolymer in the world bioplastic is commercially marketed under the Ingeo™ brand name.

  • Previously wholly owned by Cargill Inc, in November 2007 the company became a 50/50 joint venture between Cargill Inc., and Teijin Ltd.
  • NatureWorks LLC was created to lead the commercial market adoption of plastics and fiber made from 100% annually renewable resources.more
It is the owner of the patented technologies that produce Ingeo™ biopolymer on an industrial scale, with a world scale facility in Nebraska, USA, capable of producing a name-plate capacity of 140.000 metric tons per annum for use in plastics and fiber production.

Biopolymer: Renewable Plant Resource

The company's Ingeo™ biopolymer is derived from an abundant 100% annually renewable plant resource.

  • The resin is derived from these plants where first carbon is captured from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and stored in the starch found in the grain of the plant.
  • This starch is then converted into natural sugars.
  • Through a process of fermentation, separation and polymerisation, the carbon and other elements in these natural sugars are transformed to make Ingeo™ biopolymer.

Environmental Credentials

Ingeo™ biopolymer is a significant step towards a better future.

  • Replacing petroleum with an annually renewable resource for the production of plastic resin reduces fossil fuel dependency.
  • Ingeo ™ biopolymer is the world’s first polymer showing a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • By replacing petroleum with a renewable plant-based feedstock, NatureWorks LLC uses up to 67 percent less fossil fuels to produce than traditional polymers.

The Product

Ingeo ™ biopolymer is used uniquely to create a full and diverse range of finished consumer lifestyle goods.

Bridging both plastics and fiber categories, Ingeo™ is fueling innovation and spearheading a whole raft of creativity across a wide range of products from clothing to homewares, personal care products as well as natural plastic food packaging, appliances, auto parts, electricals and durable goods.

INGEO Innovations Include

  • Natural plastics for new food eco-packaging in both rigid and flexible film formats
  • Water and juice bottles
  • Disposable foodservice ware
  • Protective and display packaging
  • Gift cards, security cards, display signage
  • Casings for personal care and cosmetics
  • Casings and moldings for electronics, durable appliances and automotive parts
  • Fiber and textile products for apparel. Contemporary sport, essentials and fashion
  • Fiber and textile products for the home. Draperies, furnishing, fiberfill, carpets and mattresses
  • Fiber and textile products for the garden: weedblock, land conservation, seeded mulches
  • Nonwoven based products for baby care, diapers, wipes and personal hygiene

The NatureWorks LLC Business

NatureWorks LLC is successfully moving its products into the global marketplace showing:

  • A triple digit growth for each of the last three years
  • A truly global business with activity being split almost equally across North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

All of this is only possible through the efforts of our partners numbering more than 100 brands and retailers selling in 70.000 stores worldwide.less


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