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NATS has a proven track record of success in airport development and operation, air navigation services and airspace management. If you are looking to develop an airport or ATC infrastructure, we can help. We can assist you in developing ATS resources, improve procedures and deal with environmental constraints.

We can also help you find and train staff, optimise your airspace, provide esources, implement new technologies and enhance management systems to meet your operational needs.more

NATS can provide strategic partnering in the following areas:

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Airport Engineering
  • ATC Training Centre
  • Aviation Data Services
  • Airport Consultancy

Air Traffic Services

NATS Air Traffic Services capability extends over a wide spectrum of environments from the control of small military ranges, oil fields, aerodrome, to high intensity runway operations at airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick.

NATS ATS disciplines cover Tower, Approach, and other radar services. NATS experience goes far beyond air traffic controllers; it encompasses all aspects of an ANSP including technical and operational knowledge.

Airport Engineering Services

NATS has delivered many highly complex airport engineering services and projects, including a new control tower building at Heathrow, a new Oceanic system for controlling aircraft over the North Atlantic, a new safety system - Mode S - at two of our Centres and the consolidation of our Terminal Control and Area Control functions to one site on the south coast.

We have extensive expertise in the delivery of airports engineering services. Airport operators NATS and developers face a constant challenge to develop infrastructure which maximises capacity whilst maintaining safety and efficiency.

ATC Training Centre

NATS' Air Traffic Control College, established over 50 years ago, has trained controllers from more than 150 countries. We understand customers' diverse requirements and have an excellent track record of delivering successful courses with this ATC training centre.

NATS promotes a philosophy of sound objective-based training through all phases of staff development, including recruitment, unit training, professional and specialist courses. Our Airports and Area control training centres employ both dedicated training staff and on-the-job training instructors (OJTI); combined with the skills base of our ATC training centre, the Air Traffic Control College, this delivers a training expertise that is second to none.

Aviation Data Services

NATS provides a broad range of industry-recognised aviation data services:

ICAO PANS OPS Procedure Design ServiceThe NATS Procedure Design Group provides a comprehensive service for the production of procedures to ICAO PANS OPS criteria.

Airport - Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)NATS Airport CDM solution (A-CDM) brings together all key flight data into a single environment creating a consistent view of the operations past, present and planned. Importantly, having generated a single view, far better operational decisions are taken to reflect up to the minute information. A-CDM is also a key enabler for airports to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Safety Tracking and Reporting (STAR)STAR is a single, authoritative organisation-wide safety data tracking and reporting system that enables timely and accurate passage of safety data, and a completely electronic safety investigation process, including an audit trail and recommendation tracking.

Aeronautical Information ManagementThe AIM team is constantly developing processes, procedures and tools to ensure that NATS maintains the highest service levels for our customers.

Airport Consultancy

We have provided airport consultancy support to a range of clients including ANSPs, airports, regulators, Government bodies and other customers from many parts of the world, and we draw on this extensive experience to help you develop ATS resources, improve operating procedures, train staff, optimise your airspace capacity, manage environmental constraints or even implement new systems.

When you work with NATS, you tap into skills and expertise that have been applied to some of the most complex and challenging operations and projects in the world, and an approach based on tailoring solutions to meet your needs. We will help you reach your goals in a tough market quickly.



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