Coffee Bean Packaging, Box and Tray Forming Systems

Van der Meij verpakkingssystemen BV

Van der Meij verpakkingssystemen bv is a Dutch company founded in 1995. We create customised packaging lines tailored to our customer’s products and demands.  Next to that the creative team of Van der Meij verpakkingssystemen bv is responsible for developing successful new packing designs like Crystal-airbox and the last on Meij-Can.

Meij-can is a water, gas tight carton that can be direct fill with coffee. More over Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen is giving technical support to his costumers. For project management you can hire  Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv.more

Vertical Cartoning Machines with Volumetric Dosing Systems

Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen is the supplier of vertical cartoning machines for direct fill of all big variety of dry products. From detergent-powders, to chocolate and from frozen food to cement-powders. Depending on the product we can put volumetric dosing systems and augers or weighers and counters.

We supply machines in a speed range from 20 – 500 bpm. As options we can run special cartons like Meij-Can, Crystal-air box, top-seal and Hermetet to make a water, gas tight cartons. For closing the carton we use hot melt, coldgleu, hot-air or a combination . For all machines we have quick size change and for some of them automatic size change.

Multipack Machines for Bottles

Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv is one of the last builders of standard and special multipack machines for bottles, cans and brick-pack. With costumers like Hero with fruit2day and Knorr vie from Unie-lever and many other costumers van der Meij verpakkingsystemen is very successful in this industry. The costume and product made machines are use is heave wet on a 24/7 base. All parts are stainless steel . The servo driven machines can run up to 600 bpm.

Box and Tray Forming Systems

Van der Meij verpakkingssystemen is the supplier for special box and tray forming machines.  We provide specially shaped cartons with double walls, conical etc: special in flexibility, speed and automatic size change and with special techniques to set up your tray or carton, Hot-air, hot-melt, lock systems and special water tight  locks. The closing-systems can close every shape of cartons and don’t need any size parts. For all your exclusive and special demands call Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv

Robotic Product Handling Equipment

Van der Meij verpakkingssystemen bv is a supplier of flexible, robotic product handling sytems to put a big range of products into a tray, tray with hood, A-case, wrap-around cartons. We can handle tubes, doy-packs, cartons, plastic container and all other products. On the same machine we can put the products standing up ( tube and doy-packs ) and flat. We can handle plastic trays. De infeed devices to the robots are tailor made depending on the product infeed. After the product is packed we can use a second robot to palletize the case on to a pallet.  For all your end line solutions for robotic product handling equipment that needs to be flexible for the future , compact mono-block style and highly efficient and speed contact Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv

Coffee Bean Packaging

Packaging machines for coffee (pods,pads,vacuum, valve)

Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv is the supplier of a wide range of coffee machines to make pods, pads, fill coffee-mixes in multilayer’s and adhere special containers. From senseo to nespresso and many other systems. Next to that we have filling and packing machines for beans and coffee in bag with or without valve, and we have machines for vacuum bags. The speed range of the system is medium but highly flexible. For any kind of coffee or coffee bean packaging call Van der Meij verpakkingsystemen bv.less


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