Catalysts for Air Purification

Molecular Products Limited

These include precious metal catalysis (Sofnocat®), and transition metal catalysis (Moleculite®) for oxidation of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, ozone and hydrogen.

Air Purification Catalysts

Our range of air purification catalysts and catalytic units include:

Sofnocat® 423 & 514

Highly active precious metal catalysts, formulated for ambient temperature oxidation of unwanted contaminants in breathable gases.

Sofnocat Precious Metal Catalyst Sofnocat Precious Metal Catalyst


A highly active transition metal oxide catalyst, formulated for oxidation of unwanted or harmful contaminants, and is available in a variety of grades

Moleculite Metal Oxide Catalysts MCASPA


Carbon Monoxide 'Self Powered' Absorber (pre-filled with Moleculite®) is a catalytic unit which removes carbon monoxide by converting it to less harmful carbon dioxide.

HiCap™ CO

Moleculite® pre-filled large absorber cartridge with proven capabilities for the catalytic oxidation of toxic CO into much less harmful CO2 (to be used as part of an atmosphere conditioning unit).

HiCap CO

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