CASPA (Carbon Dioxide Self Powered Absorber)

Molecular Products Limited

Committed to the future of leading edge technology, Molecular Products is a recognised global leader of life support equipment. It provides systems for carbon dioxide removal and pure oxygen provision in sealed environments including submarines and protective shelters used in the event of chemical or terrorist threats and external hazards.

Molecular Products has been supplying emergency air purification products to the Royal Navy for over 15 years. The company also supplies other armed forces and navies across the world including those in Australia, Canada and the USA. Recognising that many of its products are used in critical applications, often protecting life or the environment, Molecular Products' paramount global focus is on highly reliable, best quality products.

The company has most recently developed the Carbon Dioxide Self Powered Absorber (CASPA), designed to remove respired CO2 to maintain a safe and breathable environment in a confined space for a host of military and civil defence applications.

It is essential to control CO2 levels within a sealed environment by removing CO2 at a rate at least as high as the production rate. The amount of CO2 within a confined space builds up to unacceptable levels long before the amount of O2 falls to a level which has significant impact on humans. The immediate challenge is therefore to control the CO2 levels to maintain a comfortable environment.

The self powered carbon dioxide absorption unit with integral fan requires no annual maintenance. which is both cost and time effective, eliminating the need for users to be trained to monitor the unit. The unit has a 6 year shelf-life, single usage battery.

The components are supplied with removable seals to reliably operate under harsh conditions as low as 5ºC, and have been carefully matched to achieve unparalleled absorption efficiencies from CASPA.

The unit replaces the need for expensive and space constraining equipment being permanently fitted in confined spaces. The CASPA can absorb 1,600 litres of CO2, yet is a compact, self standing unit which makes efficient use of limited space within a submersible or other confined environment.

To maximise its efficiency, CASPA is contained along side oxygen candles within Molecular Products' Portable Atmosphere Control Unit (PACU). The chemical oxygen generation and chemical carbon dioxide absorber technology combination provides a safe and fully automatic atmosphere control system.

When used within a manned submersible, the unit allows the crew to concentrate on the mission without the time consuming job of monitoring and controlling life support systems and operations.

The CASPA is ideally designed for use within command and control centres for rapid deployment in the event of a terrorist attack. Emergency services requiring their control centres to be situated centrally and close to the scene of any unknown gas or chemical attack would benefit from using the unit, especially in advance of the substance being identified.

Combined with the PACU, the CASPA could supply emergency workers with a safe and breathable environment for potentially 24 hours on battery power, allowing them to focus on the situation at hand.

In light of global terrorist threats and the UK government's commitment to ensuring that emergency services are fully prepared for potential attacks, the development of the CASPA presents a portable, reliable and virtually self functioning solution to atmosphere control in an emergency situation.

In addition to carbon dioxide absorbtion and oxygen production in the UK, Molecular Products make high performance military grades of activated carbon at their USA facility in Colorado.

A number of products are in development, including one that is active against anthrax spores. These can be used in Personal Protective Equipment or Collective Protection Filters.

Molecular Products' continued commitment to the production of innovative solutions makes it the natural partner of choice for collective and personal protection life support systems.

Carbon Dioxide Self Powered AbsorberCarbon Dioxide Self Powered Absorber

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