Suppliers of Chemical Based Technologies for Air Purification

Molecular Products Limited

Molecular Products is dedicated to protecting life and the environment by supplying advanced chemical based technologies for the purification of air.

Molecular Products manufacture and supply chemical technologies for the treatment of breathable gases. These products are used in the removal of carbon dioxide, the generation of oxygen and the filtration of hazardous or unpleasant emissions. Molecular Products has a proven record of remarkable innovation. Our expertise in research and development along with employing the latest technologies in our manufacture, enables us to ensure that all our products conform to high standards and exceed customers' expectations.more

Molecular Products supply a range of medical devices for inhalation anaesthetic applications, we are one of the world’s largest producers of carbon dioxide absorbents used in low-flow inhalation anaesthesia systems, and supply our medical grade Sofnolime® to several of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers.

The production and properties of medical grade Sofnolime® comply with the international standard ISO13485: 2003, allowing the application of a CE mark. The exacting requirements of FDA legislation are also met. Molecular Products are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of medical devices worldwide.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. Constantly striving to improve life support in the critical areas, whilst always applying the best business practice, supporting our promise of: ‘Protecting life and the environment’.

Safe Anaesthetic Products

Safe and cost-effective anaesthesia products

Molecular Products is one of the world’s largest producers of carbon dioxide absorbents used in low-flow anaesthesia systems, and supply the medical grade Sofnolime to several of the world’s leading medical equipments manufacturers for use in safe anaesthetic machines.

Removal of Carbon Dioxide

Sofnolime 2550 USP medical grade soda lime is used for the removal of carbon dioxide in breathing systems where the pressure-drop must be negligible. The main component is Calcium Hydroxide.

Sofnolime for medical applications is available in three colour change options: white to violet, pink to white and non indicating.  Optimised formulation and manufacturing processes ensure that the dust component in our products is significantly lower than the industry average.  This ensures that the Molecular Products Sofnolime® range offers higher capacity and longer working life than similar products

Removal of Toxic Contaminants

Sofnolime® can also remove a range of other ‘acidic’ gases.  Molecular Products offer a wide selection of products for the removal of toxic contaminants in military, medical and many other environments.

Preservation of Flurane Anaesthesia Gas

Sofnolime protects against the degradation of flurane compounds which can generate toxic residuals as well as reducing the performance of the flurane.  This is particularly important in the preservation of flurane anaesthesia gas used during surgical environments.less


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  • Mike Clarke

    Senior Technical Manager at Molecular Products Contact Expert

    Dr Mike Clarke FRSC qualified as a physical chemist and is the Senior Technical Manager at Molecular Products Ltd. He specialises in the provision of CO2 removal chemistry and the provision of safe breathable atmospheres in enclosed environments.

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