High Content Screening / Multi-Mode Detection Platform

Molecular Devices

Molecular Devices is a specialist supplier of bioanalytical instruments, systems and software. The company's extensive range of bioanalytical research instruments supports applications in drug development, imaging research, laboratory testing and life science research.

Molecular Devices' bioanalytical software assists in the collection, analysis and management of data, and helps users adhere to data compliance guidelines. The company deliver assay kits for proteins, enzymes, chemical contaminants. Molecular Devices also offer four levels of field and depot service plans helping to keep instruments in good working order.more

The product range includes:

High Content Screening System

ImageXpress Micro XL

Molecular devices offer the ImageXpress® Micro XL high content screening (HCS) system. The system has the highest IFS (image flexibility score) available for a wide field high content screening device, returning excellent quality research-ready images. (NB: IFS = sensor size x magnification range =] 4.66 megapixel x 100 = 466). The ImageXpress MicroXL can handle both static and live-cell assays at magnifications ranging from 1X to 100X and resolution from 0.05 to 0.95 Numerical Aperture NA.

The ImageXpress® Micro XL supports an extensive range of data presentation tools and image analysis application modules. These include specialist HCS software tools for hundreds of laboratory assays and MetaXpress® PowerCore Software, which uses parallel processing to enable faster analysis and immediate viewing of data.

Multi-Mode Detection Platform

SpectraMax® Paradigm® Platform

The SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-mode Detection Platform from Molecular Devices enables flexible, sensitive development and execution of assays. The multi-mode detection platform is supported by a broad portfolio of insertable cartridges with filters tailored to specific applications such as absorbance detection capturing full absorbance spectrum (230 - 1000 nm), Absorbance Assays, BRET2 luminescence assays , homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen assays.

The Paradigm detects which cartridge is installed and configures itself for the appropriate applications. Users simply buy the relevant cartridges for the application, or applications they require. The latest TUNE technology cartridge enables simultaneous scanning of emission and excitation spectra (EM 400-850 nm and EX 260-790 nm). The system uses an innovative 'Spectral Optimization Wizard' - part of the SoftMax Pro software suite.

Automated Electrophysiology System

IonWorks® Barracuda

Molecular Devices' Automated Electrophysiology Systems enable high-throughput analysis for the development of drugs targeting ion channels. The IonWorks Barracuda is an electrophysiological assay monitoring ligand and voltage-gated ion channels at a high speed and an affordable price.

The IonWorks Barracuda system uses PPC (Population Patch Clamp Technology) in which current measurements are averaged across a population of cells to provide consistent, high quality data without requiring redundant tests. Molecular Devices also stock the ChanTest Corporation's broad portfolio of ion channel expressing cell lines to facilitate ion channel assays.


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