Mobile Surveillance Device for Security, Police and Military Forces

Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Surveillance Device

Mobile Viewpoint have developed a mobile surveillance device which utilises the company's advanced understanding of secure wireless data transmission. Designed specifically for the security, police and military markets, the device offers unparalleled performance ensuring complete reliability in the field.

The device is known as the 3G Mobile Communicator and is a compact, handheld device which can be easily obscured within clothing, pockets, bags or cases. Featuring a dual 3G modem, the device is able to boast both a stereo AAC encoder, enabling live radio transmission, and a CIF H.264 video encoder.

As a result of its powerful transmission components, the 3G Mobile Communicator will provide extremely high quality live video and audio broadcast straight from the operator's 'pocket'.

Mobile Surveillance Device

Based on 3G network communication, the mobile surveillance device is able to ensure it always uses the best mobile network available, for the transmission of critical information. It also means that, being web-based, the surveillance solution is completely remote allowing it to be operated in any location across the globe.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the device is multi-use - suitable for covert surveillance applications as well as broadcasting - and multi-purpose, as it can be used to communicate audio, video and critical information. This makes it the ideal real-time mobile video camera.

For convenience, there is a removable Li-ion battery which not only makes it extremely energy efficient but also ensures fast and simple replacement in the case of power loss. An easy to use touch screen provides a simple interface allowing access to network information and configuration options. The mobile surveillance device can therefore be catered to the operation in which it is being deployed.

3G Mobile Communicator

The 3G mobile communicator offers a complete solution for covert surveillance operations, with easy installation, a dual speed uplink and high speed downlink. Providing a simpler and more reliable solution to other devices currently on the market, the 3G MC utilises two sim cards for increased coverage and transmission stability.

As an alternative to satellite and microwave communication, the mobile communicator is the ultimate solution for those requiring a compact, handheld surveillance solution.

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