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Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint specialises in wireless data transmission, providing solutions to security professionals, police and government organisations worldwide. Based in the Netherlands, the company has a global network of customers thanks to their reputation for high quality products and a professional service.

Beginning as part of Triple IT, a provider of IP video technology, Mobile Viewpoint has since developed into their own organisation having brought with them years of experience within the secure data transmission market. This enables them to develop the most effective and up-to-date solutions for their customers.more

The company's main products are based on their Wireless Multiplex Terminal, or WMT. This technology works by combining multiple mobile networks, such as 3G and 4G, to provide stronger and more stable bandwidth for secure, high quality data upload. The solution is available for both security and media industries and was recently used by the BBC to broadcast the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

Secure Wireless Data Transmission

For the security market, Mobile Viewpoint utilise their knowledge of bonded 3G and 4G networks to provide high-end solutions suitable for high quality IP connectivity, in any location - land or air.

The solutions on offer are focused towards the global security and surveillance requirements of police and government organisations. The systems provide secure wireless data transmission in the form of live video distribution, video storage and forwarding, alarm management and high volume data uploads. These are therefore ideal for surveillance operations, secure data exchange between organisations and the storage of classified or national security information.

Video Surveillance Solution

The MVP-4 is a video surveillance solution which utilises four different connections for complete bandwidth stability. The system is ideal for use in vehicles or as a stand alone set-up and is robustly manufactured allowing it to be used in high risk operations, carried out by police or government authorities.

The video surveillance solution utilises Mobile Viewpoint's patent pending MPlex technology to provide the finest possible video quality and continuously seeks the best mobile network. This means that the MVP-4 can always be counted on for the most important and challenging surveillance operations.

Reliability is paramount and the system is therefore able to guarantee video bandwidth ranging between the 150kbit, at its lowest, and 2,5mbit at its highest. The performance is linked to the mobile bandwidth available at the time and location. Depending on requirements, the video surveillance solution can be either supplied as a two piece system, consisting of a server and website, or three piece with the addition of a play out system.

3G Mobile Communicator

The 3G Mobile Communicator from Mobile Viewpoint is a compact, hand held device designed for use in mobile surveillance and covert operations. The device works using two mobile connections to record information as video, audio or data, in real time.

Due to its small size and mobile operation, the 3G mobile communicator is the perfect tool for serious surveillance missions and undercover activities. The two mobile connections means that the device is constantly looking for the best network to ensure complete reliability and enables it to be used in any location, on land or in the air. Featuring a touch screen display and compact designed, the communicator is not only extremely covert but also the pinocle of surveillance technology.

iPhone app , WMT Live With the WMT Live app it is possible to to upload, publish and share live & pre-recorded video content via the iPhone, from anywhere, to any screen around the world.

The iPhone app uses similar algorithms as the WMT to ensure the highest quality video although using one connection, providing flexibility and a cost effective solution for to security & surveillance professionals.less


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