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Milfoam Ltd. is a Finnish company specialised in barrel cleaning solutions. Milfoam products have been supplied to the Finnish Defence Forces and many other end users worldwide. Milfoam provides a complete barrel cleaning system for all kind of firearms. The system is based on a patented foam technology and NATO approved chemicals and lubricants for artillery, mechanized units, infantry, navy and air force.

Challenges for Todays Barrel Cleaningmore

There are new challenges for barrel cleaning. New more powerful powders, longer barrels (155mm / 52cal.), new rotating rings (plastic / PTFE), new environmental regulations etc. have put the gunners in a difficult situation. The problems related to gun barrel cleaning have increased, but the time and manpower available for cleaning are continuously reduced.

The most common cleaning methods worldwide are manual, primitive, labour intensive and time-consuming gun barrel cleaning. Those methods are prone to human negligence and the results are unsatisfactory. Due to the abrasive nature of the traditional manual cleaning with just a rod, oil and brush, the operational life of the ordnance might significantly be reduced. Dismounting the gun barrel to thoroughly clean it from copper residues consumes a lot of time, manpower and money.

Milfoam Foam Technology for Barrel Cleaning

Milfoam's patented foam is an odorless, non-toxic and environmental friendly compound, non hazardous to humans, does not cause any adverse effect on contact with human skin and does not result in the emission of hazardous or toxic fumes and gases.

Milfoam solutions for challenges:

  • Foam makes powder softer to take away by brushing
  • Foamer cleaning system does not need manpower, when it is working
  • Foam oxidizes the copper / brass away during cleaning process
  • Foam makes plastic residues softer to take away by brushing
  • Foam is environmentally safe for user

Main strengths of foam technology are:

  • Chemical reaction for removing carbon, copper, and other residues effectively
  • The foam covers the complete barrel, 360°
  • Easy for use, non-abrasive and non-corrosive
  • Cost effective
  • Odorless, non-hazardous and environmental friendly

Small Arms Barrel Cleaning Foam

The bore cleaning foam is a cleaning agent, which removes the carbon, copper and other residues effectively from any weapon barrel through a chemical reaction.

Milfoam's flexible cleaning rod and wicks designed for small arms standardizes the level cleaning result among the users. The cleaning rods are used in several NATO countries as standard issued equipment.

Bore Cleaning for Medium Size (76mm and 105mm) Gun Barrels

The bore cleaning foam removes without brushing the powder and copper residues. It saves time and labor costs. The foam replaces the long time brushing. The dispenser is designed to efficiently spread the bore cleaning foam in 76mm and 105mm gun barrels.

Heavy Barrel Foam Cleaning System for 76mm to 155mm Barrels

It completely replaces the current abrasive cleaning methods and uses Milfoam's patented and non-toxic foam technology. It makes it possible to efficiently clean any gun barrel from copper and powder residues without removing it from the platform, which saves both time and money. The foamer is designed to perform all the cleaning, drying and oiling functions. The cleaning operation is automatic, which enables the personnel to conduct other tasks while the foamer is running. The cleaning result using the foamer is outstanding compared to any other method available.

The Milfoam barrel cleaning system serves the following purposes:

  • Modern equipment to support barrel cleaning and drying after firing, under all types of terrain and climatic conditions
  • Removal of copper, powder residues, aluminium residues and rust
  • Oiling of the ordnance for short and long-term preservation.
  • Saves manpower, time and money
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